Re: Identification of documents in Web applications

On 3/9/2011 3:00 AM, Eric J. Bowman wrote:

> So we just head on over to Wikipedia and change the definition of text/
> html to support #! syntax as a 'view' and allow (if not require) user-
> agents to send it to the server as part of the request...

Using a wiki is one way of handling the mechanics of specification or 
registry update, but it doesn't do much for resolving compatibility issues. 
If I have a non-Javascript browser that, for a text/html representation, 
interprets as an (attempt to) reference an 
anchor with id="frag", then it's conforming today. We'd still have to come 
up with a compatiblity story (and I think we could if we wanted to -- it's 
just that using a Wiki says nothing about what it is).


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