Agenda for TAG teleconference of 14 July 2011

The agenda for the TAG teleconference of 14 July 2011 is now available at 
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                Agenda of 14 July 2011 TAG Teleconference

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    - [9]pending review actions - [10]www-tag archive - [11]tag archive
     1. Convene
           + Chair: Noah Mendelsohn, Scribe: Yves Lafon (confirmed)
           + Roll call -- Regrets: Tim Berners-Lee
           + Future regrets for July: Tim (21 & 28 July); Larry Masinter
             (28 July); Yves Lafon (28 July)
           + Agenda Review - [12]this agenda
           + Next Meeting: 21 July 2011, Chair: Noah Mendelsohn
           + Future scribes: Jonthan Rees, Dan Appelquist, Larry
     2. Approve minutes of prior meeting(s)
           + [13]23 June 2011
     3. Administrative items
           + [14]Registration is now open for the [15]2011 Technical
             Plenary in Santa Clara, CA
           + Norm Walsh [16]announces new draft of [17]HTML/XML Task
             Force Report (discussion to be held on the
             [18] mailing list
           + Meeting and Teleconference Schedules
                o Summer telcons will be likely be held on the following
                     # 14 July (this one)
                     # Probable; 21 July, 4 August
                     # Probably not: 28 July, 11 August, 18 August, 25
                       August (the chair would like to meet on one more
                       of those August dates, but we would have low
                     # [19]Spreadsheet showing summer regrets
                       (member-only, .xls format)
                o The autumn F2F will be 13-15 September in Edinburgh,
                o The TAG will meet 4-6 January 2012 at the W3C offices
                  at MIT in Cambridge, MA
                o TAG members are to hold open the week of 2 April 2012
                  for likely F2F meeting at the W3C offices at
                  Sophia-Antipolis, France (timed to follow Paris IETF
                  meetings the previous week)
     4. [20]HTML5 Review: Normative status of HTML5 Web Authoring
           + Goals:
                o TAG to review HTML5 WG [21]decision on normative
                  status of [22]
           + Background:
                o The TAG thought it had agreement with the HTML WG that
                  [23] would be
                  normative, but the copy included with the HTML5 last
                  call was labeled as non-normative.
                o [24]Query from Noah to HTML5 chairs
                o Paul Cotton [25]announces HTML WG [26]chairs' decision
                  including the revised text for authoring draft.
                o [27]ACTION-556: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Follow up with
                  HTML WG chairs as to why
         is not normative -
                  Due: 2011-06-30 - PENDING REVIEW
                o [28]ACTION-581: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Include
                  discussion of Authoring Spec status resolution
                  n/0287.html in 14 July 2011 Agenda [self-assigned] -
                  Due: 2011-07-12 - PENDING REVIEW
     5. [29]ISSUE-35 (RDFinXHTML-35-27): Microdata / RDFa relationship
           + Goals:
                o Find additional ways that the TAG can be helpful in
                  resolving the Microdata / RDFa overlap
           + Background:
                o [30]E-mail from TAG chair to HTML WG raising issues
                  against the Microdata and RDFa+HTML draft
                  specifications and proposing W3C set up a task force
                  to resolve  there has been subsequent e-mail
                o HTML WG opens bugs
                  0 and
                  1 (against Microdata and HTML+RDFa respectively). TAG
                  members may add themselves to the cc: list for
                  discussion, using Bugzilla. You need a Bugzilla
                  account to do that.
                o [33]ACTION-573: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Send Jeni's
                  note to HTML WG, RDFa, and W3C staff on Wed 22 June
                  2011 if there are no objections received by the 21st
                  Due 2011-06-22 - Due: 2011-06-23 - PENDING REVIEW
                o [34]ACTION-575: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Send
                  tml as edited Due 2011-06-24 - Due: 2011-06-30 -
                  PENDING REVIEW
                o [35]ACTION-571: on - Jeni Tennison - Write up comments
                  on microdata and RDFa - Due: 2011-06-16 - CLOSED
     6. RFC 3023bis and IRI
           + Goals:
                o Finish [36]discussion started on 23 June 2011,
                  specifically relating to "processor profiles, IRIbis,
                  and HTML5"
           + Background:
                o [37]ACTION-577: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Schedule
                  3023bis discussion of processor profiles and "IRIbis
                  and HTML5", leftover from 23 June discussion, when
                  Larry is available DueL 2011-07-12 - Due: 2011-06-30 -
                  PENDING REVIEW
                o Background for 23 June discussion:
                     # Henry [38]provides details of issues to be
                       considered. The following is adapted from Henry's
                          @ [39]RFC 3023bis and fragment identifiers --
                            We discussed this a year ago ([40]minutes)
                            and came to a conclusion, which Noah took to
                            [41]ACTION-441 to convey to the 3023
                            editors. There was [42]substantial pushback.
                            Jonathan [43]reported on our further
                            discussion to the 3023 editors, setting out
                            a number of alternative ways forward. Chris
                            Lilley [44]replied stating a preference for
                            option 2. But nothing has happened. . . Time
                            to put a TAG push behind a new draft of
                          @ 3023bis and Processor Profiles -- The XML
                            Processing Model WG has produced a [45]Last
                            Call WD for XML Processing Profiles. Would
                            3023bis be the architecturally correct place
                            to connect this to XML itself?
                          @ IRIbis and HTML5 'URIs' -- The HTML WG has
                            removed all reference to 3987bis, but the
                            IRI WG is exploring ways to get back in (the
                            following is quoted from
             "In March 2011, the W3C's HTML WG made a decision to close
             ISSUE-56 when the parties involved could not come to agreem
             on aligning HTML5 with the IRI WG's revisions to RFC 3987:



             "That decision effectively removed the HTML5 specification'
             dependency on rfc3987bis.  It appears that this was done so
             that the HTML5 specification could define how to translate
             input strings contained in text/html documents into URIs.

             . . .

             "However, our understanding is that ISSUE-56 can be reopene
d if
             new information emerges, such as "IETF completing productio
n of
             a document suitable as a formal reference".  And of course
             chairs of the IRI WG we would like to deliver such a docume

                     # [47]Paul Grosso notes: Also related to IRIbis is
                       the XML Core desire to be able to reference it
                       normatively from the XML and related specs for
                       the definition of LEIRIs as recorded at
                       l-core-wg/2011Mar/0022 among other places.
     7. [49]ACTION-545: Privacy
           + Note: this was a F2F session that we never got to  Ashok
             Malhotra had agreed to lead it. On 23 June 2011, Ashok
             [50]asked that we wait for Larry Masinter to be available
           + Goals:
                o Review the [51]Report of the W3C Workshop on Web
                  Tracking and User Privacy (required reading)
                o We will focus primarily, but not exclusively on "Do
                  Not Track" proposals
                o Decide how the TAG will engage in privacy-related work
                  for the remainder of 2011
           + Background:
                o [52]Report of the W3C Workshop on Web Tracking and
                  User Privacy (required reading)
                o [53]ACTION-460: on - Daniel Appelquist - Coordinate
                  with IAB regarding next steps on privacy policy - Due:
                  2011-05-24 - OPEN
                o [54]ACTION-550: on - Daniel Appelquist - With help
                  from Noah to plan TAG work on privacy, leading to
                  session at F2F, next step is contact with TLR - Due:
                  2011-05-12 - OPEN
                o [55]ACTION-507: on - Daniel Appelquist - With Noah to
                  suggest next steps for TAG on privacy - Due:
                  2011-05-03 - CLOSED
                o [56]ACTION-545: on - Ashok Malhotra - Report to TAG,
                  after privacy workshop, regarding architecture issue
                  on privacy and especially degree to which use cases
                  beyond those addressed by "Do Not Track" need
                  attention - Due: 2011-05-03 - CLOSED
                o Earlier background:
                     # IETF/W3C Privacy workshop was held at MIT 8-98
                       December 2011. "Action Items" for W3C were
                       proposed. See: [57]Action items (PDF - may need
                       rotating) collected at IETF/W3C Privacy Workshop
                     # [58]ACTION-264: on - Ashok Malhotra - Draft
                       agenda item for upcoming telcon discussion of
                       geolocation and privacy - Due: 2009-08-04 -
                     # [59]ACTION-290: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Write to
                       Geolocation WG saying "we have concern that the
                       spec does not say enough user privacy" - Due:
                       2009-07-30 - CLOSED
                     # [60]ACTION-408: on - Daniel Appelquist - Look
                       into next steps on a workshop around device APIs,
                       privacy etc. with tlr - Due: 2010-03-31 - CLOSED
                     # [61]ACTION-506: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Noah to
                       bring proposed W3C Actions on Privacy before the
                       TAG - TLR to report back to IETF - Due:
                       2011-01-11 - CLOSED
                     # Papers from earlier IETF/W3C workshop on privacy
                       were at
              but that link appears
                       not to work any more ([63]ACTION-490: on - Noah
                       Mendelsohn - Noah and others(?) going to privacy
                       workshop to report back to the TAG? - Due:
                       2010-12-21 - CLOSED) ([64]ACTION-506: on - Noah
                       Mendelsohn - Noah to bring proposed W3C Actions
                       on Privacy before the TAG - TLR to report back to
                       IETF - Due: 2011-01-11 - CLOSED)
     8. Overdue Action Items:
           + [65]Overdue actions in [66]Tracker
     9. Pending Review Items:
           + [67]Pending review actions in [68]Tracker
    10. Any other business


     Noah Mendelsohn for the TAG
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