Re: Copy to Clipboard - ambush and abuse by javascript

Le 11-juin-10 à 10:53, Martin J. Dürst a écrit :

> But that's all for the purpose of conserving as much of the content  
> across widely differing applications, rather than for confusing or  
> annoying the user.

This whole thread says it: there's no way in a spec to differentiate  
between annoying the user and providing a useful service to the user.  
Except if... you are the user.

On 2010/06/06 11:40, Larry Masinter wrote:
> Are there general WYSIWYG principles for copy-to-clipboard?

I wish I'd find them.
This sounds to be a field where developers have been doing nice  
services since ages but where no literature tells you "the right thing".

> [....]

> Are there other examples of "smart copy"?

I believe Macs and PCs offer lots of such examples. Here's a few, they  
are smart because they do the right thing to a normal user; they do  
change the content by injecting things into it.

- from Adobe Illustrator to Apple Preview or Quark X Press, you copy  
and paste a vector PDF (but you could also get a raster image which  
Illustrator has rasterized if going to Photoshop)

- from FireFox to a spreadsheet you have a chance to copy a table  

- from MSIE to Word and from Safari to Pages, I believe you can copy a  
piece of RTF or HTML that looks a lot like the original

For HTML-originating copy, I had a frequent experience that all links  
are absolutized. Which can be viewed as a useful or useless service.

Where there's almost nothing thus far is when server work, for example  
the wiki source markup of a presented wiki page.


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