Re: Copy to Clipboard - ambush and abuse by javascript

Le 03-juin-10 à 00:33, mike amundsen a écrit :
> I understand that some might want to interpret my suggestion in a way
> it is not intended.


> <snip>
>> There are well known methods to protect your users from copy: e.g.  
>> just put
>> a glasspane on top (a transparent picture) and you're done.
> </snip>
> Works for common Web browsers, but not all user agents.

The "majority", that tastes enough I suppose.

> And it might not be long before plug-ins circumvent this simple fix,  
> too. It's an arms race, eh?

That arm-race is precisely well fought by the fact that pull  
their script from their sites (and they do tracking there of course).


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