Re: ACTION-348 some draft text re redirection + address bar

On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 17:00 -0500, Jonathan Rees wrote:
> Written in the style of a blog post, and making use of
> state-of-the-art theory (such as it is) of http semantics.
> If this gets review and approval of some kind (especially from TimBL,
> who has been the vocal campaigner on this question) I'll htmlify and
> post it and be done with this action. Not sure what else to do.

One comment on this excerpt:
>>> Putting the whole redirection chain in the browser window might 
>>> be nice, so that any could be selected (somehow) for bookmarking, 


>>> but that would obviously take too much real estate.

I don't think so.  For one thing, the redirect URI (or URI chain) could
be displayed only if there were a redirect, so in cases of no redirect,
no additional real estate would be used.  And for another thing, the
length of the chain displayed could be limited -- perhaps to the first
and last URI.  But at least displaying a partial chain would seem better
than displaying none of it. 

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