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> Thank you, Dan.  One detail: Is there any objection to changing the topic 
> listed for [1] to match what was in the agenda, I.e. to make it:
> ACTION-388: Shorter document on version indicators 

Yeah, that didn't turn out quite right.

> or something similar.  The current "version indicators, esp. in HTML 5" 
> seems very broad, but action-388 is specifically about Larry's activity, 
> his HTML issue, and the draft that he wrote.

Well, it turned out to be about media types as much as versioning,
so my suggestion is

  HTML 5 DOCTYPE and media type compatibility

I think ACTION-NNN makes for ugly table-of-contents entries;
all the relevant actions are mentioned in the item.

>   I can make the change if 
> everyone is agreeable.  Thank you. 

Please do.

I forgot to copy the minutes to /2001/tag/ ; can you do that too?

> Noah
> [1]

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