conneg, HTTPbis, and generic resources (status check)

Larry, when you and I talked about your conneg stuff in HTTP,
I thought there was no relevant follow-up, but now I see
Henry has an action that follows on:

ACTION-231 on Larry Masinter: Draft replacement for \"how to use conneg
\" stuff in HTTP spec - due 2009-11-18 - pending review

ACTION-232 on Henry S. Thompson: Follow-up to Hausenblas once there's a
draft of HTTPbis which has advice on conneg - due 2009-12-01 - open

Did the HTTPbis WG accept your changes?

I can follow my nose from your action to an HTTPbis ticket...

but I'm not sure how to read the status.

I see:

Changed 7 weeks ago by ¶
      * severity set to Active WG Document 
      * milestone changed from unassigned to 08 

Changed 12 days ago by ¶
      * milestone changed from 08 to 09 

and "(reopened design)" at the top... so it looks like
the WG hasn't decided. But I don't really know how the HTTPbis
WG makes/records decisions.

I guess it's clear enough that there isn't an Internet Draft
with the new wording... unless I'm missing something.

Dan Connolly, W3C
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Received on Wednesday, 25 November 2009 07:36:10 UTC