agenda for TAG meeting 8-10 Dec

This is for official T-2 week "requirements for organizing
a meeting" purposes; I haven't gone over it with Noah in
any detail.

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Agenda Details

   This agenda doesn't have a crisp list of required reading; some
   drafts/messages of note are linked directly, but in some cases the
   path is indirect via a tracker action page. Perhaps this will get
   better 1 Dec when a number of actions for this meeting are due, but
   we make no guarantees.

   record keeping note: we recently introduced tracker [30]products for
   the themes established at the June meeting in Cambridge: web
   applications, metadata, html 5 review.
    1. Convene, review agenda
          + [31]ACTION-330 on Dan Connolly: Prepare Dec f2f agenda in
            collaboration with Noah etc. - pending review
               o Goal: establish success critera for work on [32]Web
                 Application Architecture
                    # form of the work?
                    # results more than the sum of the parts?
                    # AWWW Vol 2 and/or updates to Vol 1?
                    # [33]TOC/outline
               o Goal: clarify our interest in [34]metdata
               o Suggestion: collaborative agenda management using
                 [35]Zakim's agenda tracking:
                   1. Dan seeds the list for the day from the agenda
                      prepared by the chair
                   2. Participants use "agenda + ..." to make agenda
                      requests; e.g.
                         @ refinements of broad topics
                         @ things you want to get back to in this
                           session (i.e. before a break)
                         @ things you want to get back to today
                         @ things you want to get back to before the
                           meeting ends
                   3. At his earliest convenience, e.g. during a break,
                      the chair should consider prioritizing agenda
                      requests by reordering the agenda. Participants
                      may reorder the agenda in consultation with the
                   4. At the end of the day, items are either promoted
                      to the summary above for use the next day or
    2. Metadata Architecture: [36]ISSUE-62
       (UniformAccessToMetadata-62): Uniform Access to Metadata
          + [37]ACTION-281 on Ashok Malhotra: Keep an eye on progress
            of link header draft, report to TAG, warn us of problems
          + [38]ACTION-336 on Ashok Malhotra: Prep Metadata
            Architecture for Dec f2f - pending review
               o [39]Web Linking (Common registry and the HTTP Link
               o [40]Well-Known URIs
               o [41]Host-meta
               o [42]LRDD
            Note Eran's 13 Nov [43]status update on these drafts.
    3. Web Application Architecture: Security
          + [44]ACTION-331 on Dan Connolly: Consider ways to track the
            'confused deputy problem' issue in webapps/cors
               o note 20 Nov [45]proposal from Close, Miller
          + [46]ACTION-323 on Dan Connolly: Ask Thomas for a report
            form the security BOF
               o [47]rough BOF notes, [48]request to tlr,
          + [49]ACTION-280 on Dan Connolly: (with John K) to enumerate
            some CSRF scenarios discussed in Jun in Cambridge - due
            2010-01-01 - open
    4. Web Application Architecture
          + [50]ACTION-306 on Ashok Malhotra: Work with Raman, LM, JK
            to update Web Application architecture outline based on
            discussions at TAG meetings
    5. Metadata Architecture: [51]ISSUE-63: Metadata Architecture for
       the Web
          + [52]ACTION-282 on Jonathan Rees: Draft a finding on
            metadata architecture. - due 2009-12-01 - open
          + [53]ACTION-337 on Larry Masinter: frame the F2F agenda and
            preparation on metadata formats/representations - due
            2009-12-01 - open


        Metadata Architecture: [54]ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57): The
                use of HTTP Redirection


          + [55]ACTION-201 on Jonathan Rees: Report on status of AWWSW
            discussions - due 2009-12-01 - open
          + [56]ACTION-116 on Tim Berners-Lee: Align the tabulator
            internal vocabulary with the vocabulary in the rules
  , getting changes
            to either as needed. - due 2009-12-10 - open
    7. [57]ISSUE-53 (genericResources-53): Generic resources
          + ACTION-231 on Larry Masinter: Draft replacement for \"how
            to use conneg\" stuff in HTTP spec - due 2009-11-18 -
            pending review
          + [58]ACTION-232 on Henry S. Thompson: Follow-up to
            Hausenblas once there's a draft of HTTPbis which has advice
            on conneg - due 2009-12-01 - open


        HTML 5 review: [59]ISSUE-24 (contentTypeOverride-24): Can a
                specification include rules for overriding HTTPcontent
                type parameters?


          + [60]ACTION-308 on John Kemp: Propose updates to
            Authoritative Metadata and Self-Describing Web to
            acknowledge the reality of sniffing, due 2009-10-20 - due
            2009-11-25 - open


        HTML 5 review: [61]ISSUE-20 (errorHandling-20): What should
                specifications say about error handling?


          + [62]ACTION-309 on Henry S. Thompson: Henry to bring back
            proposed TAG pushback on sniffing and HTTP bis draft
            -ietf-httpbis/latest/p3-payload.html, or his recommendation
            that we leave it alone - due 2009-11-26 - open


        HTML 5 review: [63]ISSUE-33 (mixedUIXMLNamespace-33):
                Composability for user interface-oriented XML


          + [64]ACTION-332 on Dan Connolly: Note that the HTML 5 spec
            has a proposed design for mixing in SVG and MathML, which
            is said to be the scope of IsSUE-33 mixedUIXMLNamespace-33
            - due 2009-11-10 - pending review


        HTML 5 review: [65]ISSUE-54 (TagSoupIntegration-54): Tag soup


          + [66]ACTION-327 on Henry S. Thompson: Review Microsoft's
            namespaces in HTML 5 proposal - pending review
          + [67]ACTION-335 on Dan Connolly: Remind us about data-* when
            progress on distributed extensibility next becomes
            available - due 2010-01-01 - open
   12. HTML 5 review: References to versioned specs (#15 in our
       [68]HTML 5 review topics) etc.
          + [69]ACTION-303 on Henry S. Thompson: Draft text on writing
            references - pending review
          + [70]ACTION-304 on Larry Masinter: Write up issue around
            normative references to particular versions of specs -
            pending review
   13. HTML 5 review: misc.
          + [71]ACTION-334 on Henry S. Thompson: Start an email thread
            regarding the treatment of pre-HTML5 versions in the media
            type registration text of HTML5 - due 2009-11-26 - open
          + [72]ACTION-326 on Henry S. Thompson: track HTML WG progress
            on their bug 8154 on polyglot documents - due 2009-12-05 -
          + [73]ACTION-302 on Noah Mendelsohn: Raise (as individual
            issue) question of 3 words "other applicable specifictions"
            in 3.2.1 (3.3.1) of HTML 5 - due 2009-12-08 - open
          + [74]ACTION-292 on Noah Mendelsohn: Alert group to review
            HTML Authoring Drafts - pending review
   14. [75]ISSUE-50 (URNsAndRegistries-50): URIs, URNs, "location
       independent" naming systems and associated registries for naming
       on the Web
          + [76]ACTION-311 on Noah Mendelsohn: Schedule discussion of a
            persistent domain name policy promotion - due 2009-11-10 -
            pending review
          + [77]ACTION-312 on Jonathan Rees: Find a path thru the specs
            that I think contradicts Dan's reading of webarch - due
            2009-12-01 - pending review
          + [78]ACTION-121 on Henry S. Thompson: HT to draft TAG input
            to review of draft ARK RFC - due 2009-12-01 - open
          + [79]ACTION-33 on Henry S. Thompson: revise naming
            challenges story in response to Dec 2008 F2F discussion -
            due 2009-12-04 - open
   15. [80]ISSUE-34 (xmlFunctions-34): XML Transformation and
       composability (e.g., XSLT,XInclude, Encryption)
          + [81]ACTION-239 on Henry S. Thompson: alert chair when
            updates to description of xmlFunctions-34 are ready for
            review (or if none made) - due 2009-12-01 - open
          + [82]ACTION-113 on Henry S. Thompson: HT to a) revise
            composition.pdf to take account of suggestions from Tim &
            Jonathan and feedback from email and b) produce a new
            version of the Elaborated Infoset finding, possibly
            incorporating some of the PDF - due 2010-01-01 - open
   16. Admin: Upcoming Teleconferences, Bulk Action Review
       (time permitting; perhaps do this during breaks or even in the 3
       Dec telcon)
          + [83]ACTION-277 on Noah Mendelsohn: Ensure patent policy
            issue is resolved with Art - due 2009-09-08 - pending
          + [84]ACTION-283 on Larry Masinter: Update document on
            version identifiers w.r.t. Cambridge June discussion - due
            2009-12-10 - pending review
          + [85]ACTION-23 on Henry S. Thompson: track progress of #int
            bug 1974 in the XML Schema namespace document in the XML
            Schema WG - due 2009-12-08 - open
          + [86]ACTION-278 on Jonathan Rees: Draft changes to 2.7 of
            Metadata in URIs to cover the "Google Calendar" case - due
            2009-12-10 - open
          + [87]ACTION-318 on Noah Mendelsohn: Send note to Device APIs
            and Policy (DAP) Working Group on behalf of the TAG - due
            2009-11-20 - open
          + [88]ACTION-321 on Larry Masinter: lightly edit TAG input to
            DAP WG per 8 Oct and tell Noah - due 2009-11-20 - open
          + [89]ACTION-163 on Henry S. Thompson: Coordinate with Ted to
            build a sample catalog - due 2009-12-10 - open


    Dan Connolly for Noah Mendelsohn and the TAG
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