Re: WS-Resource-Access FPWG

I chatted with Bob a bit at the AC meeting this week.   We all know that 
there have been some reservations on the part of individual TAG members 
about about aspects of either WS-RA itself, or the ways in which WS-RA 
uses technologies like WS-Addressing.  In particular, I've heard concerns 
expressed about the extent to which WS-RA re-implements HTTP at a 
different level and the stack, and also the possibility that WS-RA might 
encourage the use of WSA reference parameters for identification.  If the 
TAG does intend to raise such concerns against WS-RA formally, Bob 
requests that we do so earlier rather than later.

So, I would appreciate it if other TAG members would let me know whether 
they wish to schedule discussion of such concerns.  I will collect 
responses and, based on them, decide about discussion scheduling.   If I 
get no such responses, I will (after doublechecking with the TAG) confirm 
to Bob that we do not currently expect to raise such issues against WS-RA. 
Thank you.


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Bob Freund <>
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03/23/2009 04:27 PM
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        Subject:        WS-Resource-Access FPWG

Dear TAG
The WS-Resource-Access working group, on 2009-03-17 published the FPWD 
of five specifications and has begun public review:

Emails to all known groups in several organizations that may have an 
interest in these specifications will be sent in the near future.

Prior to the start of the WS-Resource-Access working group, a TAG 
resolution[6] was published expressing concerns about several details 
of some of these specifications, especially WS-Transfer.   Since the 
WG is now under way, and on a tight nominal schedule, it would benefit 
all involved if issues that might arise from your review were to be 
created earlier rather than later.  It is my hope that all issues that 
might be raised against fundamental aspects of any of these 
specifications be created before Last Call if at all possible.
To that end, would the TAG please respond with specific issues of 
concern that in the opinion of the TAG need to be resolved in these 
specifications at its earliest convenience.
In any case, a response with issues, or a statement of no-issues would 
be appreciated.

Bob Freund
Chair, WS-Resource-Access Working Group


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