ISSUE-62: OPTIONS HTTP method for metadata

I've been doing a bit of looking at Microsoft's Oslo.  In general, I'd 
prefer that companies like Microsoft spoke about their own products and 
plans, but I did notice this posting [1] from Doug Purdy, who is one of 
the designers of Microsoft's Oslo modeling system.  Since we in the W3C 
TAG are looking at how to access metadata about Web resources, I think 
it's worth noting that Microsoft seems to be using the HTTP OPTIONS method 
for access to metadata in Oslo MServices.  I'm copying Doug and Don Box 
(who also works on Oslo) so that they can correct me if I don't have this 

(Doug and Don:  the TAG has been working for awhile on what we're tracking 
as our issue-62 [2], which is try try to figure out the appropriate ways 
to access metadata about Web resources.  As I know Don is aware, the is public, and you are most welcome to jump in if you'd 
like to be part of the discussion.)



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Received on Wednesday, 25 March 2009 19:06:58 UTC