Agenda for TAG teleconference of 26 March 2009

The agenda for tomorrow's TAG teleconference is available at [1,2], and is 
included in text form below.  I apologize for it coming later than usual, 
but I was at the AC meeting earlier this week.  One additional note:  we 
had agreed at the end of our last call to defer discussion of metadata 
until Larry Masinter is available.  Since he has sent regrets for 
tomorrow, I have not included metadata in this agenda.  I will schedule it 
the next time that Larry and others with an interest in this issue are 




Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
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              Agenda of 26 March 2009 TAG teleconference

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   Tracker ([7]handling new issues) - [8]www-tag archive - [9]tag
    1. Convene
          + Chair: Noah, Scribe: Henry (confirmed)
          + Roll call -- Regrets: Larry
          + Note future regrets: Larry (26 March)
          + Agenda Review - [10]this agenda
          + Next Telcon: Propose 2 April 2009; Chair: Noah; Scribe:
          + Future scribes: Larry > Jonathan > Dan > Ashok
    2. Approval of Minutes from previous telcon
          + [11]12th March 2009
    3. Administrative items (Brief)
          + We are still awaiting draft minutes for 4 March 2009 (Wed.
            F2F session)
          + [12]WBS Survey on proposed 2-6 November 2009 W3C Technical
            Plenary (TPAC) (W3C member only) to be held in Santa Clara,
               o Recent tradition is that those TAG members who are at
                 TPAC anyway meet for a half day Monday, and a half day
                 Friday, and we also attempt to make ourselves
                 available to other working groups on a best effort
                 basis during the week. Typically we do not have a
                 quorum and thus don't make binding decisions. Do we
                 want to continue the tradition at the November 2009
                 TPAC? Would anyone prefer attempting a more formal TAG
                 meeting at TPAC?
               o Note that the W3C team is still deciding whether to
                 hold the TPAC as proposed, or perhaps at some other
                 place and time, or perhaps not at all.
               o Survey response is due from the chair by 2 April 2009.
                 We should indicate whether we expect to attend, likely
                 number of attendees, etc.
          + Reminder that chair has sent a [13]summary of materials
            relating to TAG priorities and a [14]request that the next
            round of discussions of goals and priorities be done using
            email, starting now.
    4. HTML
          + Background:
               o [15]Proposals from W3C team (W3C member-only — see
                 subsection labeled 'Relation of HTML to XHTML2 and
               o [16]Request from Larry and [17]request from T.V.
                 Raman(member-only) that we schedule this discussion
               o [18]Detailed discussion of this topic on the previous
                 TAG teleconference.
               o New: Discussion of HTML at just completed W3C Advisory
                 Committee meeting.
               o New: Dan Connolly and Michael Sperberg-McQueen draft
                 [19]Web addresses in HTML 5, which is factored from
                 the HTML t draft. (see [20]email from Dan announcing
                 the draft). This seems also to relate to
                 [21]ACTION-188 on Dan Connolly: Investigate the
                 URL/IRI/Larry Masinter possible resolution of the
                 URL/HTML5 issue. - due 2009-03-17 - open.
          + Goals:
               o There were some very interesting discussions of HTML
                 and XHTML at the just completed W3C Advisory Committee
                 Meeting. Those who were there will briefly review
                 those discussions, for the benefit of TAG members who
                 were not present.
               o Decide whether to close [22]ACTION-188.
    5. webApplicationState-60 ([23]ISSUE-60): Web Application State
          + Background:
               o Draft TAG findining [24]State in Web application
                 design (Version: 19 April 2006)
               o [25]Request from T.V. Raman that we publish this as a
                 W3C Working Draft.
               o The following actions are open or pending review for
                    # [26]ACTION-193 on Dan Connolly to Try to draft a
                      blog posting adapted from

                      with help from TVR - due 2009-02-25, pending
                    # [28]ACTION-234 on John Kemp to Review the current
                      draft of Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL
                      parameters for possible publication - due
                      2009-03-11, pending review
                    # [29]ACTION-247 on to Noah to schedule followup on
                      Raman proposal: publish issue 60 draft - due
                      2009-03-24, pending review
                    # [30]ACTION-235 on Ashok Malhotra to Review the
                      current draft of Usage Patterns For Client-Side
                      URL parameters for possible publication - due
                      2009-03-11, open
          + Goals:
               o Decide whether to publish a W3C working draft.
               o Review status of actions.
               o Consider whether there is other work to be scheduled
                 now, or whether we should await reaction to the WD.
    6. CURIEs in RDFa, @rel, and the HTML profile attribute
          + Background:
               o The TAG been [31]asked to help resolve concerns with
                 the use of CURIEs in RDFa and with the HTML profile
               o See also athe very long email thread that began with
                 an [32]email message from Mark Nottingham to www-tag
                 titled "Using XMLNS in link/@rel", which in turn led
                 to a message to the public-html list from Julian
                 Reschke titled [33]@rel syntax in RDFa (relevant to
                 ISSUE-60 discussion), was: Using XMLNS in link/@rel.
                 The long thread starts with that; early messages in
                 the thread were not cross-posted to www-tag, but later
                 ones were (starting with [34]this one).
          + Goals:
               o Review www-tag discussion of this issue
               o Decide what steps, if any, the TAG wants to take to
                 help the community resolve these concerns.
    7. contentTypeOverride-24 ([35]ISSUE-24):
          + Background:
               o Dan Connolly [36]suggests that we discuss the draft
                 [37]Content-Type Processing Model, by Ian Hickson and
                 Adam Barth; the draft proposes interoperable rules for
                 Content-type "sniffing" in browsers. Note that the
                 draft acknowledges at one point that it is in "...
                 willful violation of the HTTP specification.
          + Goals:
               o Decide whether TAG wants to respond to the
                 Content-Type Processing Model draft.
    8. XMLVersioning-41 ([39]ISSUE-41).
          + Background:
               o The TAG had earlier decided not to actively pursue
                 development of the finding on versioning.
               o HTML working group action 108 [40]requests that the
                 TAG consider HTML when working on versioning
               o See thread starting with [41]John Kemp email on
                 updating AWWW good practice note on versioning
               o At 23 March 2009 AC meeting there was at least an
                 informal sense that the AC wanted the TAG to help with
                 the extensibility issue, primarily in the context of
                 HTML. Tim took an action (from the AC, not the TAG) to
                 see that the TAG takes a look at this.
               o The following actions are open under ISSUE-41, but the
                 chair proposes not to discuss them in detail on this
                    # [42]ACTION-183 (David Orchard) Incorporate
                      formalism into versioning compatibility
                      strategies. Due 3 March 2009.
                    # [43]ACTION-229 (Noah Mendelsohn) Noah to respond
                      to John Kemp proposal of Feb 17 on versioning.
                      Due 13 March 2009.
          + Goals:
               o Decide whether, given the background referenced above,
                 we want to again work actively on versioning, and if
                 so, with what specific goals.
    9. Pending Review Items:
          + [44]Pending review actions in [45]Tracker
   10. Overdue Action Items:
          + [46]Overdue actions in [47]Tracker
   11. Any other business











































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