Agenda for TAG Face-to-Face Meeting, 3-5 March 2009 (Redwood Shores, CA)

The agenda for the W3C TAG face-to-face meeting to be held at Oracle, 
Redwood Shores, is now available at [1].  A text-form copy is also 
provided below.

The overall meeting goals are to:

* Bring new TAG members "up to speed" on continuing work
* Make progress on high priority technical issues
* Establish TAG priorities for coming year - ensure that
  the  issues list reflects actual priorities
* Refine TAG administrative procedures (this will be brief)

In support of this, the first day focusses primarily on existing TAG 
technical topics and issues that are already open.  The goals of this 
first day are to make significant technical progress on those, and also to 
give new TAG members a chance to see how the TAG has been doing its f2f 
work up until now.  Then on the second day, we'll be starting with the 
first of several sessions devoted to gathering new ideas for TAG 
directions and priorities, while continuing later with sessions on 
selected technical topics.  On Thursday, the main focus will be to net out 
the combination of ongoing vs. new actitivies we'll went to emphasize 
during the coming year, and to be sure we're agreed on next steps. 

Regarding reading material: with the exception of one revised draft of a 
document titled "Uniform Access to Metadata"  [2], there are no new TAG 
finding drafts or other new large documents to review.  We will be 
discussing many ongoing TAG issues, so TAG members will want to refresh 
their memories of some of the older documents and related emails -- these 
are linked from the "preparation" subsections for each agenda item.



Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

   [1]W3C | [2]TAG | Previous teleconference: [3]19 Feb 2009. | Next
   teleconference: 12th March 2009 (tentative).


   TAG face-to-face meeting, 3-5 March 2009, Redwood Shores, CA, USA

   Nearby: [4]issues list - [5]findings - [6]www-tag archive - [7]tag
   archive - Actions: ([8]open, [9]pending review)


   Regrets: none (former TAG member David Orchard will join us Wed.
   evening and Thursday)

Agenda Summary

   Tues 3rd March
   09:00-9:30 [10]Convene (30 min)
   Welcome new members
   Review: F2F Goals and Agenda
   9:30-10:30 [11]HTTP Content negotiation (60 mins)
   10:30-10:45 Break (15 mins)
   10:45-12:00 [12]HTML and "Tag Soup" Integration (75 mins)
   12:00-13:15 Lunch (75 mins)
   13:15-14:00 [13]URNsAndRegistries-50: URIs, URNs, "location
   independent" naming systems and associated registries for naming on
   the Web (review - Henry)
   14:00-15:00 [14]Review of ongoing TAG projects
   15:00-15:30 Break (30 mins)
   15:30-16:00 [15]Issue Prioritization
   16:00-16:30 [16]Administration:
     * TAG Operations
     * Scheduling Future Meetings

   16:30-17:00 ...available...
   Weds 4th March
   09:00-10:30 [17]TAG Priorities for Coming Year - initial discussion
   10:30-11:00 Break (30 mins)
   11:00-12:00 [18]webApplicationState-60: Web Application State
   Management (60 mins - Raman?)
   12:00-13:15 Lunch (75 mins)
   13:15-14:45 [19]httpRedirections-57: Resource description discovery
   and access
   14:45-15:15 [20]xmlFunctions-34: XML Transformation and
   composability (review - Henry)
   15:15-15:45 Break (30 mins)
   15:45-17:00 [21]errorHandling-20: Error handling
   Thurs 5th March
   09:00-10:30 [22]TAG Priorities for Coming Year - conclusion
   10:30-11:00 Break (30 mins)
   11:00-12:00 [23]TAG Priorities for Coming Year - conclusion
   12:00-13:15 Lunch (75 mins)
   13:15-15:00 ...available...
   15:00 Meeting adjourns
   15:00-17:00 ...those who are not traveling until Friday may wish to
   stay for informal discussion...
   Unscheduled topics
   There are some other topics we may decide to discuss in the free
   time slots. Suggested discussion goals and preparation materials are
   available in the section linked below.
   [24]Unscheduled topics

   Note that preparation is also encouraged for some items for which
   [25]fixed time slots have not been allocated. We may or may not
   decide to discuss some or all of these, presumably in the sessions
   not yet scheduled.


   (also separate [26]Logistics page)


          Oracle Conference Center (OCC)
          Building 350
          Oracle Parkway,
          Redwood Shores,
          CA, 94065
          The campus is located about 10 miles South of San Francisco
          (SFO) airport. See [27]map for directions.


          Tue 3 March: 09:00 - 17:00
          Wed 4 March: 09:00 - 17:00
          Thurs 5 March: 09:00 - 15:00

Agenda Details

    1. Convene
          + Welcome new members
          + Appoint scribes
          + Review F2F Goals
               o Bring new TAG members "up to speed" on continuing work
               o Make progress on high priority technical issues
               o Establish TAG priorities for coming year - ensure
                 issues list reflects actual priorities
               o Refine TAG administrative procedures
          + Review F2F Agenda (this document)
          + Approve [28]Minutes of TAG Telcon of 19 February 2009
    2. HTTP Content Negotiation (maybe track under [29]ISSUE-57 or
       should we open a new one?)
       Several recent email threads have raised questions about the
       proper use of content negotiation on the Web. In particular,
       these questions have included:
          + When, if ever, is it appropriate to use content negotiation
            to choose between representations of a resource and
            descriptions of that resource. Should redirection be used
            in conjunction with content negotiation for such purposes?
          + Typical AJAX applications use Javascript and HTML to create
            a presentation that is derived from one or more datasource
            which themselves are identified with URIs. Sometimes the
            presentation is a very direct rendering of the data, but in
            other cases one may wish to have separate links for the
            underlying data (e.g. an email document) and for its
            presentation in some particular user agent (e.g. Google
            gmail). Using separate URIs for these can be inconvenient,
            since in many cases both links will need to be recorded or
            transmitted. The TAG has been asked (email from Martin
            Nally below) whether use of content negotiation might be an
            appropriate compromise.
          + The treatment of content negotiation in HTTPbis is likely
            to be revised, and there is some suggestion that content
            negotiation should be deprecated.
          + Explore technical issues relating to content negotiation
          + Decide whether TAG wants to pursue work on one or more of
            the questions discussed above
          + Identify next steps
          + [30]Email from Michael Hausenblas asking for TAG guidance
            on the proper use of content negotiation. See also the
            thread following from that [31]in the email listing for
            February, and the related thread starting with the message
            [32]Last minute input to discussion re 'on the boundaries
            of content negotiation in the context of the Web of Data'
          + Jonathan Rees points us to three emails he has sent on this
            subject, with the hint that that they get "progressively
            better". So, he suggests the [33]first and the [34]second
            as optional reading for the F2F, and the [35]third as
            required (Jonathan's suggestions along with a little
            additional background are in [36]this email - member only)
          + Larry Masinter [37]email indicating that he will be
            updating the HTTPbis section on content negotiation. Tim
            Berners-Lee response email suggesting that [38]deprecation
            of content negotiation would be a bad idea (member only).
          + [39]Email from Martin Nally describing challenges in
            deciding whether to use content negotiation to choose
            between the presentation and the data driving the
            presentation in an Ajax application
    3. HTML and "TAG Soup" Integration ([40]ISSUE-54)
          + Review history, successes, and challenges with respect to
            TAG's efforts to assist the HTML community
          + Decide what, if anything, the TAG should set as goals for
            work on HTML this year. Explore ways that we can be helpful
            to the HTML 5 working group and to other W3C groups that
            provide HTML-based technologies.
          + Clarify relationship to TAG work in areas such as error
            handling, versioning, etc.
          + T.V. Raman's analysis prepared for agenda of the TAG's
            Sept. 2008 meeting in Kansas City. It's in the agenda
            itself under the heading [41]tagSoupIntegration-54 - HTML
            and The Web.
          + Update from Dan Connolly on [42]HTML/Tag Soup Progress
            since TPAC (member-only)
          + HTML working group action 108 [43]requests that the TAG
            consider HTML when working on versioning
    4. Error handling ([44]ISSUE-20)
          + Explore architectural principles relating to error recovery
            by software receiving incorrect data from Web interactions.
            Explore tradeoffs involving silent recovery from errors,
            robustness of Web communications, risk of incorrect
            processing, proliferation of incorrect content, vs.
            convenience for others and recipients of documents.
          + Decide what, if anything, the TAG should set as goals for
            work on error handling this year
          + Clarify relationship to TAG work in areas such as HTML/Tag
            soup, versioning, etc.
          + [45]ACTION-199 on Henry S. Thompson to Follow up on error
            handling thread (8 Oct) - due 2009-02-17, pending review
          + [46]Error handling discussion in minutes of TAG Telcon of
            19 February 2009
          + Email thread on [47]HTML and XML
    5. XML Functions ([48]ISSUE-34)
          + Bring new (and returning) members up to date on prior work
            on XML Functions.
          + Brief discussion of technical issues, if time permits.
          + Clarify goals and next steps.
          + [49]ACTION-113 on Henry S. Thompson to HT to a) revise
            [50]composition.pdf[sic] to take account of suggestions
            from Tim & Jonathan and feedback from email and b) produce
            a new version of the Elaborated Infoset finding, possibly
            incorporating some of the PDF - due 2009-03-27, open
          + [51]The elaborated infoset: A proposal by Henry Thompson
          + [52]Compositionality, elaboration and XML document
            semantics by Henry Thompson (28 November 2007)
    6. URNsandRegistries-50: URIs, URNs, "location independent" naming
       systems and associated registries for naming on the Web
          + Bring new (and returning) members up to date on prior work
            on issue URNsAndRegistries-50.
          + Brief discussion of technical issues, if time permits.
          + Clarify goals and next steps.
          + [54]ACTION-33 on Henry S. Thompson to revise naming
            challenges story in response to Dec 2008 F2F discussion -
            due 2009-03-27, open
          + [55]ACTION-121 on Henry S. Thompson to HT to draft TAG
            input to review of draft ARK RFC - due 2009-03-27, open
          + [56]URNs, Namespaces and Registries by Henry Thompson and
            David Orchard (yes, sadly, the latest revision on this
            draft is from August, 2006)
    7. webApplicationState-60Web Application State Management
          + Bring new (and returning) members up to date on prior work
            on issue webApplicationState-60
          + Discuss technical issues
          + Clarify goals and next steps
          + [58]ACTION-143 on Stuart Williams to Review Raman's draft
            of webApplicationState-60 - due 2009-03-03, open
          + [59]ACTION-144 on Noah Mendelsohn to Attempt to articulate
            some of the higher level questions for inclusion in the
            draft. - due 2009-03-03, open
          + [60]Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL parameters by T.V.
            Raman - 11 February 2008
          + [61]Email from Martin Nally describing challenges in
            deciding whether to use content negotiation to choose
            between the presentation and the data driving the
            presentation in an Ajax application. This email also
            relates to application state management and use of URIs to
            track application state.
    8. httpRedirections-57: Resource description discovery and access
          + Review history and status of work in ISSUE-57 and resource
            description access in general
          + Decide what, if anything, the TAG wants to do in this area
            starting now
          + Clarify relationship to TAG work in areas such as metadata,
            content negotiation, site description metadata, etc.
          + [63]Stuart Williams' email summarizing the history and
            status of ISSUE-57
          + [64]Uniform Access to Metadata (5 Feb 2009 draft by Phil
            Archer and Jonathan Rees) and assocated [65]email thread
          + Internet draft [66]HTTP-based Resource Descriptor Discovery
            (draft-hammer-discovery-01) by E. Hammer-Lahav
          + (optional) Internet draft [67]Link Relations and HTTP
            Header Linking (draft-nottingham-http-link-header-03) by
            Mark Nottingham
          + (optional) Internet draft [68]Host Metadata for the Web
            (draft-nottingham-site-meta-01) by M. Nottingham and E.
          + [69]ACTION-116 on Tim Berners-Lee to Align the tabulator
            internal vocabulary with the vocabulary in the rules
  , getting changes
            to either as needed. - due 2009-02-24, open
          + [70]ACTION-178 on Jonathan Rees to update draft of finding
            on uniform access to metadata. - due 2009-02-13, open
          + [71]ACTION-200 on Jonathan Rees to Revise "Uniform Access
            to Metadata" (needs title change) to add XRD use case - due
            2009-02-24, pending review
          + [72]ACTION-201 on Jonathan Rees to Report on status of
            AWWSW discussions - due 2009-03-30, open
          + [73]ACTION-217 on Jonathan Rees to Raise moving the
            registry to with Mark Nottingham - due 2009-02-24,
            pending review
    9. [74]Review of ongoing TAG projects & Issue Prioritization
       The TAG goes into this meeting with 28 open issues. The overall
       goal of this session to identify a few key issues from our
       previous work that we will designate as possible major focus
       items for the coming year, to identify other issues that should
       remain active with lesser emphasis, and as appropriate to close
       (or open) others. In [75]other F2F sessions, we will consider
       suggestions for new focus areas and priorities, so the final TAG
       agenda for the coming year will likely be a combination of
       ongoing work continued or refocused, along with new
       undertakings. This particular F2F session is aimed at ensuring
       that we understand and are properly tracking the status of work
       already underway. When we are done, the issues list should
       reflect in the description field the goals, deliverables,
       checkpoints, and success criteria for issues that remain active.
       Specific goals for this F2F session are:
          + Review open issues and close or change status as necessary.
            This is an opportunity for returning TAG members to remind
            themselves of the status of our long list of issues, and
            especially for new members to come up to speed. We will do
            this by splitting into small groups, each of which will do
            the following for a handful of issues:
               o Ensure that goals, deliverables, checkpoints and
                 success criteria are understood, at least for high
                 priority issues and preferably for all active issues.
               o Recommend whether the issue should remain open or be
                 closed. If open, then whether the issue should be one
                 of the few key focus areas of the TAG, or should have
                 lesser emphasis.
          + After the breakout reviews are done, we will discuss
            recommendations, especially for high priority focus areas.
            If time permits, we will agree on revised status for all
            issues. If that proves a bad use of F2F time, then we will
            plan to finish the job via email and/or telcons as
            appropriate. The essential goal here is to learn enough
            that we can appropriately balance proposals for new TAG
            work with following through on our existing activities.
          + Also, the chair would like to propose more direct ongoing
            (I.e. post F2F) involvement of the rest of the TAG in
            tracking the status of particular TAG issues. We will
            discuss details at the F2F.
          + Review [76]open TAG issues table below. Think in advance
            about which ones we should be our main priorities, which
            ones should be closed, and which should continue as
            background activities.
   10. TAG Priorities for Coming Year
          + Discuss specific proposals for new TAG directions and focus
          + Determine specific TAG goals and priorities for coming
          + For each such goal or direction, briefly identify success
            criteria, timeframes, the intended audience for any
            materials we produce, and next steps.
          + Review [77]Larry Masinter's suggestions for new TAG work
          + Review [78]open TAG issues table (below)
          + Consider whether the [79]Architecture of the World Wide Web
            and the [80]findings that the TAG publishes are effective
            in getting the attention of and educating their intended
       We will discuss this topic at least twice. The first session
       will focus on briefly reviewing proposals for new directions for
       TAG work, as well as proposals for which ongoing activites
       should be emphasized. We will also discuss which aspects of the
       TAG's work have been most effective, and which have not been
       effective. Note that we will in a separate session do a detailed
       review of all ongoing TAG activity (I.e. open issues), closing
       and reprioritizing as appropriate. The results of that analysis
       will be used as input to the second round discussion, which will
       attempt to set our overall priorities for the coming year.
   11. Administration
          + Discuss (minor) changes in TAG administrative procedures
          + Get concurrence on contents of [81]Guide to TAG
            Participation (W3C member-only), making revisions as
          + Make plan to ensure everyone has access to CVS & other
            tools needed to assist with TAG operations, scribing, and
            document publication
          + Schedule upcoming F2F meeting(s) ([82]email from Steve
            Bratt - member only)
          + Read draft of [83]Guide to TAG Participation (W3C
            member-only). Either be prepared to endorse it as is, or to
            suggest specific changes.
   12. Unscheduled items
       No specific discussion time is allocated to the following, but
       we may choose to discuss these in some of the free time slots.
          + contentTypeOverride-24 ([84]ISSUE-24): Dan Connolly
            [85]suggests that we discuss the draft [86]Content-Type
            Processing Model, by Ian Hickson and Adam Barth; the draft
            proposes interoperable rules for Content-type "sniffing" in
            browsers. Note that the draft acknowledges at one point
            that it is in "... willful violation of the HTTP
            specification. [87]RFC2616]
          + XMLVersioning-41 ([88]ISSUE-41).
               o HTML working group action 108 [89]requests that the
                 TAG consider HTML when working on versioning
               o Thread starting with [90]John Kemp email on updating
                 AWWW good practice note on versioning
               o [91]ACTION-183 (David Orchard) Incorporate formalism
                 into versioning compatibility strategies. Due 3 March
               o [92]ACTION-221 (Jonathan Rees) Work with Dave Orchard
                 to close up the formalism facet of the versioning
                 document, due in two weeks. Due 24 February 2009
               o [93]ACTION-229 (Noah Mendelsohn) Noah to respond to
                 John Kemp proposal of Feb 17 on versioning. Due 13
                 March 2009.
          + webApplicationState-60 ([94]ISSUE-60):
               o [95]Email from Martin Nally describing challenges in
                 deciding whether to use content negotiation to choose
                 between the presentation and the data driving the
                 presentation in an Ajax application. (this email
                 relates not only to conneg, but also to things like
                 managing state of RESTful applications using the
                 browser address bar and navigation stack)
          + Should TAG focus more on the mobile Web and the growing use
            of smartphones with the Web? (Noah is interested in this.)
          + Review of Open Action Items
               o Review [96]open action items: reassign owned by those
                 who are leaving the TAG.
               o Review and, if possible, close [97]pending review
                 action items
               o Update on the [98]Architecture of the World Wide
                 Semantic Web AWWSW work.


Open W3C TAG Issues as of 24 February 2009

   The following list was extracted from Tracker's list of [99]open
   issues. The "F2F" column indicates issues that appear as explicit
   agenda items for this F2F. We will discuss the "Proposed Priority"
   column at the meeting.


   ISSUE # F2F Old Issue Name Proposed
   Priority Description Raised on Number of
   Open Actions
   [100]7 whenToUseGet-7 Close (1) GET should be encouraged, not
   deprecated, in XForms(2) How to handle safe queries (New POST-like
   method?GET plus a body?) 23-Jan-02 0
   [101]16 HTTPSubstrate-16 Close Should HTTP be used as a substrate
   protocol? Does W3Cagree with RFC 3205? 24-Mar-02 0
   [102]20 X errorHandling-20 High What should specifications say about
   error handling? 22-May-02 0
   [103]24 contentTypeOverride-24 Background Can a specification
   include rules for overriding HTTPcontent type parameters? 14-Jun-02
   [104]27 IRIEverywhere-27 Background Should W3C specifications start
   promoting IRIs? 9-Oct-02 2
   [105]28 fragmentInXML-28 Background Use of fragment identifiers in
   XML 31-Oct-02 0
   [106]30 binaryXML-30 Background Standardize a "binary XML" format?
   9-Oct-02 1
   [107]33 mixedUIXMLNamespace-33 ?? Composability for user
   interface-oriented XML namespaces 6-Feb-03 0
   [108]34 X xmlFunctions-34 Medium XML Transformation and
   composability (e.g., XSLT,XInclude, Encryption) 6-Feb-03 1
   [109]36 siteData-36 Medium Web site metadata improving on
   robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon etc. 10-Feb-03 0
   [110]37 abstractComponentRefs-37 ?? Definition of abstract
   components with namespace names and frag ids 3-Feb-03 0
   [111]39 rdfURIMeaning-39 ?? Meaning of URIs in RDF documents
   13-Jul-03 0
   [112]40 URIGoodPractice-40 Background What are good practices for
   URI construction? 16-Oct-03 0
   [113]41 XMLVersioning-41 Background What are good practices for
   designing extensible XMLlanguages and for handling versioning?
   27-Jun-03 3
   [114]42 ultimateQuestion-42 What is the answer to life, the
   universe, and everything. 15-Nov-03 3
   [115]43 DerivedResources-43 ?? How are secondary resources derived?
   15-Nov-03 0
   [116]45 mediaTypeManagement-45 Background What is the appropriate
   level of granularity of the media type mechanism? 14-May-04 0
   [117]46 xml11Names-46 Close Impact of changes to XML 1.1 on other
   XML Specifications 19-May-04 0
   [118]47 endPointRefs-47 Close WS-Addressing SOAP binding & app
   protocols 3-Jan-05 0
   [119]49 schemeProtocols-49 Background Relationship of URI schemes to
   protocols and operations 7-Feb-05 0
   [120]50 X URNsAndRegistries-50 High URIs, URNs, "location
   independent" naming systems and associated registries for naming on
   the Web 15-Mar-05 2
   [121]54 X TagSoupIntegration-54 High Tag soup integration 17-Oct-06
   [122]55 utf7Encoding-55 Background Security issues with incorrect
   metadata 14-Dec-06 0
   [123]56 abbreviatedURIs-56 Background Abbreviating URIs in Web
   Languages 30-Mar-07 0
   [124]57 X HttpRedirections-57 High The use of HTTP Redirection
   22-Aug-07 3
   [125]58 scalabilityOfURIAccess-58 ?? Scalability of URI Access to
   Resources 22-Aug-07 1
   [126]60 X webApplicationState-60 High Web Application State
   Management 14-Dec-07 3
   [127]61 uriBasedPackageAccess-61 High or Background? URI Based
   Access to Packaged Items 8-Jul-08 0


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