Re: Draft minutes for TAG telcon of 2009-01-29

Hi Noah,

On Feb 3, 2009, at 9:26 AM, ext wrote:

> Paul Cotton wrote:
>> But I do want to encourage you to continue sending at least a
>> text version
>> of the final minutes to so that the "contents" of the
>> minutes are easily searchable via the W3C email archive search  
>> tools [1]
>> AND in recipients individual email archives on their personal  
>> machines.
> I responded:
>> OK, good suggestion.
> But, on reflection, I'm pretty sure that we have not in recent years
> emailed the text of minutes.  We have emailed the text of agendas,  
> and it
> is my intention to continue that practice.  It is also the case that  
> some
> members (the merits of this seem to cause a lot of debate) have
> distributed minutes by attaching the HTML form to an email, but as  
> far as
> I know that doesn't render them searchable anyway (or does the search
> engine look through HTML attachement content - I know tracker  
> doesn't).
> Anyway, please clarify Paul:  is there a TAG tradition of emailing  
> minutes
> in text from that I've somehow missed and that you want me to  
> continue, or
> do you think members will want the full text of minutes in their  
> inboxes
> (especially F2F minutes are quite long.

FWIW I have inline text minutes from several of the past TAG  
teleconferences minuted by several different TAG members in my inbox.  
I also have an inline text summary of the last TAG face-to-face  
meeting with links to full minutes, written by Dan.

>  Would we send all this to
> www-tag or to some new mailing list.
> My personal preference as incoming chait would be to continue the
> commitment to email agendas in text form, and to he sure that an HTML
> document with the minutes by available on the Web in a predictable  
> place
> (I've recommended 2001/tag/year/mm/dd-minutes, which is my strong
> preference).   that said, it's a minor additional burden, but I don't
> object to also mailing the minutes in text form, either to www- 
> archive, or
> to some mailing list that would be set up for the purpose, probably
> accompanied by a link to the reference HTML copy (which is what  
> should be
> linked when people refer to the minutes in other documents.)

I feel it is very useful to have the minutes available inline through  
email when email is the initial way that people become aware of the  
minutes. I am personally more likely to read them if they appear in  
the email form and I don't need to first click on something. I also  
find it easier to comment on the minutes when I can do it inline  
within the email.


- johnk

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