Re: Backward-compatibility of text/html media type (ACTION-334)

Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> ...
> So, two questions:
>  1) Is my analysis of the facts correct?
>  2) Is it necessary to press on this issue _now_, or can it wait until
>     after Last Call?
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Hi Henry,

thanks at lot for the summary. I've been concerned with this as well.


1) Yes.

2) If we think there's a problem we should be clear about that and try 
to fix is as soon as possible.

Two more thoughts:

- A simple way to fix this issue would be to just update the current 
media type registration (RFC 2854) with the additional information about 

- The registration template changes the change controller for the HTML 
media types from the W3C HTML WG to "W3C and WHATWG". Minimally, we need 
to clarify for IANA and the IESG what this means in case of 
disagreements (I personally believe that there can only be one change 

Best regards, Julian

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