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RE: [XRI] XRI-as-Relative-URI proposal

From: Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) <skw@hp.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 15:18:47 +0000
To: Drummond Reed <drummond.reed@cordance.net>, "www-tag@w3.org" <www-tag@w3.org>
CC: 'Peter Davis' <peter.davis@neustar.biz>, "jbradley@mac.com" <jbradley@mac.com>
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Hello Drummond et. al.,

A couple of comments:


I think this chimes in a bit with Jonathan's comment. I think it might be helpful to say a little more about how the proposed http(s) bindings might use 303 and/or link-headers to provide separate identifiers for 'thing' and 'description of thing' (or indeed if that's the plan, how as Jonathan suggests, you might generate distinct for each from a given 'pure-XRI'). I'd also say that *if* the thing that the identifier denotes is a document (or more generally and information resource) it's quite in order to give a 200 response are return a webarch:represention of the resource - it's equally in order to provide indirections to descriptions that refer to other places where equivalent resources are available as well.


I think that it would be helpful to spell out that, from an XRI pov, the following are necessarily synonym pairs

 Public community roots
 http://boeing.com.xri.net/@boeing*example/+documents and http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@boeing*example/+documents
 http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@oasis!2047!22/!7 and http://boeing.com.xri.net/@oasis!2047!22/!7

 Private community roots
 http://boeing.com.xri.net/@(http://boeing.com)*example/+documents and http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@(http://boeing.com)*example/+documents
 http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@(https://oasis-open.org)!2047!22/!7 and http://boeing.com.org.xri.net/@(https://oasis-open.org)!2047!22/!7

and IIUC the following are not (necessarily synonym pairs):

 Proxy delegation
 http://boeing.com.xri.net/*example/+documents and  http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/*example/+documents

ie. from the examples folks may be lead to think that the oasis or boeing bits in the URI authority have to match with the oasis or boeing bits of the 'pure-XRI' authority, when IIUC they don't.
That is said more generically in the proposed bindings section, but the examples might invite a wrong conclusion.



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> Subject: [XRI] XRI-as-Relative-URI proposal
> First, the XRI TC would like to thank the TAG and other members of this list
> for the extensive feedback they have provided on XRI 2.0 since early July.
> Proof that it has been productive has been the emergence of a new proposal
> for how XRIs can better fit with AWWW architecture. This proposal has
> received extensive discussion within the XRI TC and on the XRI TC mailing
> list over the last month, and has had an initial preview with the TAG. They
> found the proposal encouraging and suggested public discussion on this list
> as a next step.
> The proposal is written up on an XRI TC wiki page at:
>         http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XriAsRelativeUri
> I won't even attempt a one-sentence summary here as it would only duplicate
> the summary there, and the page already serves as a mini-FAQ for most of the
> questions it has generated.
> To those who have contributed to the XRI discussions here, and to anyone
> else interested in the topic of abstract identifiers (in AWWW lingo,
> identifiers of non-information resources that do not have direct
> representations, only descriptions), we are very interested in your feedback
> about this proposal.
> I'm sure other XRI TC members will chime in with their perspectives and
> questions too (you'd need a team of a thousand wild horses to
> stop them ;-)
> Thanks in advance,
> =Drummond
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