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Re: [XRI] XRI-as-Relative-URI proposal

From: John Bradley <jbradley@wingaa.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 07:51:16 -0400
Cc: Drummond Reed <drummond.reed@cordance.net>, "www-tag@w3.org" <www-tag@w3.org>, 'Peter Davis' <peter.davis@neustar.biz>
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To: "Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol)" <skw@hp.com>
Hi Stuart,

I did a blog post on how XRI relate to cool URI at http://thread-safe.livejournal.com/14165.html 

I am traveling at the moment and will get to some direct comments on  
the weekend.

We are exploring Link headers as part of our work on XRDS-Simple.  We  
intend to move in that direction for our http: and https: bindings.    
We are in contact with Mark Nottingham on the topic.

Given the current non-standard status of link headers we want to  
coordinate with other efforts before we make specific proposals on how  
XRI  will use them in the http: sub scheme.

I will post a copy of my blog post to the email list for the record.

John Bradley

On 23-Oct-08, at 11:18 AM, Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) wrote:

> Hello Drummond et. al.,
> A couple of comments:
> --
> I think this chimes in a bit with Jonathan's comment. I think it  
> might be helpful to say a little more about how the proposed http(s)  
> bindings might use 303 and/or link-headers to provide separate  
> identifiers for 'thing' and 'description of thing' (or indeed if  
> that's the plan, how as Jonathan suggests, you might generate  
> distinct for each from a given 'pure-XRI'). I'd also say that *if*  
> the thing that the identifier denotes is a document (or more  
> generally and information resource) it's quite in order to give a  
> 200 response are return a webarch:represention of the resource -  
> it's equally in order to provide indirections to descriptions that  
> refer to other places where equivalent resources are available as  
> well.
> --
> I think that it would be helpful to spell out that, from an XRI pov,  
> the following are necessarily synonym pairs
> Public community roots
> http://boeing.com.xri.net/@boeing*example/+documents and http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@boeing*example/+documents
> http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@oasis!2047!22/!7 and http://boeing.com.xri.net/@oasis!2047!22/!7
> Private community roots
> http://boeing.com.xri.net/@(http://boeing.com)*example/+documents  
> and http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@(http://boeing.com)*example/+documents
> http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/@(https://oasis-open.org)!2047!22/!7  
> and http://boeing.com.org.xri.net/@(https://oasis-open.org)!2047!22/!7
> and IIUC the following are not (necessarily synonym pairs):
> Proxy delegation
> http://boeing.com.xri.net/*example/+documents and  http://oasis-open.org.xri.net/*example/+documents
> ie. from the examples folks may be lead to think that the oasis or  
> boeing bits in the URI authority have to match with the oasis or  
> boeing bits of the 'pure-XRI' authority, when IIUC they don't.
> That is said more generically in the proposed bindings section, but  
> the examples might invite a wrong conclusion.
> --
> BR
> Stuart
> --
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> Berks RG12 1HN
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>> Subject: [XRI] XRI-as-Relative-URI proposal
>> First, the XRI TC would like to thank the TAG and other members of  
>> this list
>> for the extensive feedback they have provided on XRI 2.0 since  
>> early July.
>> Proof that it has been productive has been the emergence of a new  
>> proposal
>> for how XRIs can better fit with AWWW architecture. This proposal has
>> received extensive discussion within the XRI TC and on the XRI TC  
>> mailing
>> list over the last month, and has had an initial preview with the  
>> TAG. They
>> found the proposal encouraging and suggested public discussion on  
>> this list
>> as a next step.
>> The proposal is written up on an XRI TC wiki page at:
>>        http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XriAsRelativeUri
>> I won't even attempt a one-sentence summary here as it would only  
>> duplicate
>> the summary there, and the page already serves as a mini-FAQ for  
>> most of the
>> questions it has generated.
>> To those who have contributed to the XRI discussions here, and to  
>> anyone
>> else interested in the topic of abstract identifiers (in AWWW lingo,
>> identifiers of non-information resources that do not have direct
>> representations, only descriptions), we are very interested in your  
>> feedback
>> about this proposal.
>> I'm sure other XRI TC members will chime in with their perspectives  
>> and
>> questions too (you'd need a team of a thousand wild horses to
>> stop them ;-)
>> Thanks in advance,
>> =Drummond

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