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Re: Re: TAG recommends against XRI

From: Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress <rden@loc.gov>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 11:53:24 -0400
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One further question, if I may  ...

Noah included the question:
"Also, could you let us know what steps, if any, you have taken towards
registration of 'xri' as a URI scheme with the IETF?"

It was an un-numbered question, and OASIS appears to have answered the
numbered questions only, and not this one. Was there any follow-up? Assuming
not, what do we think the answer is?

Looking at the TAG minutes http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2008/05/01-minutes
this seems to still be a point of confusion.  (I think I asked the OASIS
folks a while back "is the supposed to be a URI scheme or not, and if not,
how would you characterize it?" and I don't think I ever got a straight



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Hello Ann,

Yes... I think that is correct. Nothing further of substance.

Best regards

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> Thanks for that reference, Dan. I do not see further mail in
> this thread, so I presume there was not further discussion
> between TAG and XRI TC after Gabe Wachob responded to TAG?
>   -- Ann
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