Re: [httpRange-14] What is an Information Resource?

Xiaoshu Wang scripsit:

> But if cap the size, the implication is that web 
> is closed.  

The Web is indeed closed.  There are roughly 10^79 particles in
the universe, so it can be in at most 2^(10^79) possible states.
After that, you either stop storing data or you figure out a way to
break the conservation laws.  (I am neglecting quantum effects here.)

It's like the notion that there are an infinite number of sentences in
a given language.  For theoretical purposes we may postulate a grammar
that can construct arbitrarily long sentences, but in fact even if you
gabble at 100 words per minute for 150 years, which is beyond the limit
of a human lifetime, you cannot utter a sentence of more than about
10^10 words.

Information is inherently finite because its physical substrate is
inherently finite.

John Cowan
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