Re: HTTP URIs and authority

Unless you can come up with a *new* argument that is not already
found in one of the following threads

then this discussion is just another waste of time.  The 303
solution exists only for the sake of those resource owners that
wish to make the distinction.  It has no need of an agreement from
anyone else, nor does it have any effect on Web architecture,
and it need not be implemented by people who don't share the
desire for such a distinction.  It simply exists for those who
believe they have a need for it, whether they actually do or
not, and it isn't up to us (or anyone else) to decide that need
for them when it's their own URIs that are being defined with
a given set of semantics that they can control, even if that
notion of control is only a fantasy that might become untrue
over time.


Received on Wednesday, 24 October 2007 09:19:09 UTC