Re: Subgroup to handle semantics of HTTP etc?

Mark Baker wrote:
> I should probably point out that I jotted down some thoughts on this
> subject a few years back;

I'd also throw the work of the old HTTP-NG group into the mix, if only 
for reference. They tried to describe the Web as we know and love it in 
terms of distributed object interfaces. (This was before XML and Web 
Services killed of the planetary aspirations of CORBA and friends...).
  HTTP-NG Web Interfaces
  W3C Working Draft 10 July 1998
"This draft document describes an initial set of extensible formal 
object interfaces that allow some of the basic functionality of HTTP to 
be captured in the HTTP-NG framework."

Also w.r.t. HTTP compliance (as mentioned by TimBL) the Web 
Characterization Activity, did some studies 
around 1998/99. That page links to: (postscript), "HTTP 
Compliance Results" "Web Perfomance Characterization" "HTTP1.1 
Compliance Results Paper"



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