Re: Comments on Raman's "On Linking Alternative Representations To Enable Discovery And Publishing"

T.V. Raman writes:

> I've addressed all of them

Much appreciated!

> except for the one about facets.
> Reasoning:
> I think rather than implying that the Web breaks up into 
> multiple pieces, the term "facets" here conveys the acceptance 
> that there is in fact a threat of the Web splintering, and that
> viewing the various "Webs" as facets of a larger whole is in 
> fact a means to avoid such a split. This is why I believe it is
> really important to capture the  --- via the hyperlink 
> structure of the Web -- the relationship amongst various 
> alternative representations of the same content.

I can certainly live with that.  Some of my concern is that "facet" is not 
a well known term, and seeing it in a TAG finding readers may be confused 
about that.  As I say, unless you are moved to reconsider for your own 
reasons, I'm OK with this resolution.  Thanks.

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