Re: Short namespace URIs for W3C TRs available

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> * Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
>> So Anne, given that RDF creates URIs by concatenating the namespace  
>> name with the namespace, would you have URIs like
>> Or would yo have another policy for RDF?
>   <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf = ""
>            xmlns:crs = ""
>            xmlns:svg="">
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>     <rdf:Description  rdf:about="">
>       <!-- The Coordinate Reference System is described
>            through an URI. -->
>       <crs:CoordinateReferenceSystem svg:transform="rotate(-90)"
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>              rdf:resource=""/>
>     </rdf:Description>
>   </rdf:RDF>
> Since
>   Having been stable since 2002, implemented in several mapping systems
>   by multiple implementors and referenced in its original form by JIS X
>   7199 Geographic information ?XML encoding for geospatial data exchange
>   and by the Geospatial-eXtensible Markup Language, we find that it has
>   had adequate review and thus that your claim and that it needs more
>   review is equally without merit.
>   We are sorry that we are unable to satisfy you, but are reassured
>   that we seem to have satisfied implementors, users and developers of
>   specifications that reference this attribute.
> I think the widely accepted answer is your first option above. Classy. Did all those interoperable implementations happily
use the "" namespace URI, following the examples in the SVG
spec? Did anyone notice it wasn't ""? Are they interoperating
in a way that actually uses the URI, or could a # be added in with
nothing breaking?

I see that namespace shows up in too. Also in and presumably
elsewhere in the SVG specs, including


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