RDDL Nature of HTML was Re: The URI of a RDDL "nature"

Regarding the nature of HTML4 I had initially proposed that the URI  
of the REC be used:


This has caused discussion and raised the concern that there might be  
conflation of this URI identifying a "W3C REC" i.e. a document vs.  
identifying a RDDL nature (which we are suggesting is a class).

The way that I had initially considered this, the specification  
*does* formally define a class of documents, namely those which  
validate as HTML 4.01. The specification includes pointers to DTDs  
etc. which allow such a validation test to be performed.

Alternatively we can define a RDDL document which describes HTML 4.01  
(and via GRDDL allows RDF statements to be made about HTML 4.01). We  
could use the URI http://www.rddl.org/natures/html#v4.01 as the  
rddl:nature of HTML 4.01. My server doesn't seem to be properly  
resolving that URI *** to the document that I've placed at:


So please look at this and see if this is something appropriate to  
describe the nature of HTML 4.


*** undoubtedly an Apache config thingy that I have to do

Received on Sunday, 15 January 2006 16:52:24 UTC