Dec. F2F Agenda Items (was: Agenda of 8 November 2005 TAG teleconference)

I just saw in the meeting agenda:

> 2. Preparing agenda for Dec. f2f at MIT[13]
> Collect topics and issues to be discussed during the f2f

Here are a few I'd suggest we consider scheduling (in no particular 

* Followup to Edinburgh discussions of versioning:  we seemed to be off to 
a useful if somewhat slow start in settling terminology, etc., and I think 
there was some sense that versioning-related work could be a key theme for 
the TAG's work in the coming year or two.

* Self-describing documents:  I don't think we have an issue around this, 
but Tim at least informally seemed to feel it would be worth attention.  I 
agree, and I might be convinced to do some work on a finding (though we'll 
have to set priorities relative to TAG commitments already made).

* schemeProtocols-49: I owe the TAG a reworked position to be available 
within the next few weeks, allowing time for TAG members to read and 
consider before the F2F.  I think a couple of hours on this would be 
worthwhile.  The goal would be either to finally agree that there's 
something worth pursuing, or to formally put it aside for the forseeable 

* Web Services and the Web:  I think we're using endPointRefs-47 as an 
excuse for the TAG to come up to speed on Web Services and perhaps to 
discover new issues worth pursuing.  Henry's worked example seems useful. 
I think this is a good use of the TAG's time.

I presume we should also spend a bit of time on F2F scheduling, thinking 
about the impact of the upcoming election (e.g. need to reassign issues 
owned by those who will be leaving), and other logistics.


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