Re: TAG directions


A concrete item in this area (Web Services) might be the "safe" 
attribute of WSDL, which does try to accomodate the OFWeb. (Safe 
operations are supposed to be marked with this attribute, in an attempt 
to encourage GET. Latest resolution here [1].)

Speaking for myself only,


[1] <>, 
grep for "safe". wrote:

>       In the case of Web Services, we should at minimum continue to
>       ensure that the Recommendations are designed to appropriately
>       integrate with the Web. Maybe or maybe not we should go further
>       and dive more deeply into WSA architecture; as with Semantic
>       Web, I'd be inclined to leave that to the pertinent "Activity",
>       with us providing guidance. As Tim notes, the development of
>       such an architecture has been tried at least once in the Web
>       Services area.

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