Minutes, 31 May - 1 June 2005 WS Description WG FTF



Tuesday 31 May
  Issue LC117: Problem with Service References: 
               elementFormDefault="qualified" prevents  restriction
    RESOLUTION: 1) Remove service reference section 
                2) Define wsdlx:interface/binding in part 1. 
                These attributes are intended to be used as annotations.

                3) Illustrate the use of URIs with these attributes in 
                the Primer. 
                4) Make @name with service and endpoint types required. 
                5) Pass the hot potato to WS-Addressing 
                6) Find the potato handler from WSD wg
  Issue LC71: pattern attribute default
    RESOLUTION: default to in-out, use pattern attribute otherwise

    RESOLUTION: ONMR moved to primer.
    ACTION: Umit to incorporate these three points into new text - 1)
            it's about the message, dammit, not the operation, 
            2) it's context-dependent, 3) for the contexts which we 
            define as common, here are the things to be thinking 
            about (unique GEDs, etc).

  Issue LC84b: Operation Name Mapping Requirement has the wrong 
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.

  Issue LC84c: Operation Name Mapping Requirement doesn't go far enough
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.

  Issue LC82: Operation Name Mapping Requirement Bug
    RESOLUTION: Close with "initial message" clarification.
    [Warning: Minutes are not clear on this resolution.]

Wednesday 1 June
  Issue LC130: Binding fault defaulting?
    RESOLUTION: wsoap:subcode and wsoap:code will be optional,
              wsoap:subcode and wsoap:code will allow #any as a token,
              missing attribute will map to #any in the component model,
              #any => no assertion is made about the value,
              http:code will be similarly modified.
  Issue 89j: Use namespaces to avoid local-name conflicts
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.

  Issue LC75x: Complete or remove App D
    RESOLUTION: Remove appendix D.

  Issue LC75c: Remove {safety} property
    RESOLUTION: put safety in its own namespace, modify the HTTP 
                binding defaulting rules to say that if no method 
                is specified and the @ext:safety attribute is used 
                in the operation, then the method is GET.

  Issue LC114: In-Multi-Out MEP
    RESOLUTION: Close without action.

  Issue LC79: Make sure in-only mep is supported in wsdl soap12 binding
  Issue LC102: What is the SOAP MEP for In-only
    ACTION: Marsh to warn CG of incoming requirements for async MEP 
    ACTION: Glen to formulate concrete async requirement for CG 
    RESOLUTION: Close issues 79 and 102 by sending request to CG 
                for one-way MEP and adding an ednote to the spec 
                saying that if a one-way MEP becomes available, 
                we'd like to default to it for in-only.

  Issue LC98: {soap mep} property and SOAP 1.1 Binding
    ACTION: soap 1.1 binding editors to make MUST and SHOULD lower 
            case in the Note on in-only MEPs 
    RESOLUTION: close LC98 with Asir's proposal

  Issue LC101: message level binding?
    RESOLUTION: close with no action.

  Issue LC74c: I18N Comments, WSDL 2.0 Part I
    RESOLUTION: Change the recurrence of wsdl:documented in 
                DocumentedType to *, add attribute extensibility 
                DocumentationType, let usage of multiple documentation 
                elements be determined in practice, add text to suggest
                using xml:lang.

  Issue LC124: Support of evolution of messages described in Schema 1.0
    No decision.

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