RE: Agenda of TAG teleconference 14 February 2005

Thanks for the agenda.  We're looking forward to the call.

The schema WG has worked for some time now on the versioning,
and most recently we've been attempting for formalize use
cases against versioning of XML languages.  We have a document 
that is a work in progress:  neither the content nor the format
yet has the offical endorsement of the schema WG.  

The original post is at the following URL, though it is not in 
public space.  This document will not change over time and can
be used for review before Monday's telcon if you don't want to
be surprised with revisions:

The following URL currently points to a copy of the document,
but this one will be updated over time, and it is in public space:

The "health-care specialization" use case is one that has
had most recent attention:  the others are still fragmented
and under construction.  One thing to note is that as far as
we've been able to manage, these use cases represent real problems
that people who define and use XML languages face.

This document is not yet polished, but at least people will have 
an opportunity to see some use cases and how we're writing them before 
Monday.  The current version uses "diff markup" so many sections are
rendered with a red background.  That should change soon.

We expect to publish a second document addressing proposed mechanisms 
to support versioning, and also addressing some terminological recommendations.  
While it should be published Monday, it will not be in time for review 
before the telcon.

Best regards,
David Ezell, chair
XML Schema WG

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A draft agenda for the 14 February TAG / XML Schema teleconference
is available :

(Text version below)
Feel free to make suggestions for additional topics.



    W3C | TAG[1] | Previous: 7 February 2005[2] | Next: 21 February 2005

Agenda of 14 February 2005 TAG teleconference

    Nearby: Teleconference details[3] - issues list[4] (handling new
    issues[5]) - www-tag archive[6]

  1. Administrative (15 min)

    1.1 Teleconferences

       1. Roll call
          Regrets: Paul Cotton, Henry Thompson, Stuart Williams 
          Scribe: Noah and Norm
          Accept this agenda?
       2. Date of Next telcon: propose Monday 21 February 2005
          Recruit Scribe.
          Future Regrets:
             *  1. 21 Feb: Paul Cotton
             *  2. 28 Feb (TAG F2F): Paul Cotton (at risk)
       3. Meeting Records
          IRC log[7] of 7 February
          Accept minutes (Ed?)
       4. TAG Weekly Teleconference Schedule
          See email from DanC[8], results[9] of questionnaire

    1.2 W3C Technical Plenary

       1. TAG Contribution to Technical Plenary Day
          Extensibility and Versioning Panel Session (see draft TP Agenda[10]
          for details)
          Panelists: Dan, Noah, DaveO, Henry, Mark Baker (CDF), to be
          confirmed: Hoylen Sue (XML Schema), Chris Lilley (TAG/SVG), Tim
          Boland (QA-WG)
          Where XML is Going Panel Session, Noah is on the panel
          Review other proposed sessions (see draft TP agenda[11])
          Lightning talks[12]
       2. TAG F2F Monday am 28th February 2005
          Need a meeting page (Vincent)
          Need an Agenda (Vincent)
       3. TAG Liaisons
          Negotiated slots - see tracking table[13] - Confirm slots with
          No meeting[14] with QA-WG
          No reply from CDF (chair is away)

  2. Technical (75 min)

    Reminder: This is a joint telcon with XML Schema (logistics[15]). Unless
    anyone feel there is any other urgent matter, the technical discussion
    should focus on the topic agreed with XML Schema:

    Extensibility and Versioning (XMLVersioning-41[16])

    Pre-Reading Resources:

       *  Most recent draft findings (DaveO's email[17], part1[18] and
       *  Noah's Analysis[20]
       *  Dan's review[21] of the draft finding


    Vincent Quint for TAG
    $Revision: 1.1 $ of $Date: 10-02-2005 - 17:57$

[7] /2005/02/07-tagmem-irc
[9] /2002/09/wbs/34270/telweekly/results

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