Agenda for joint TAG/WS-Addressing Meeting at Feb. 2005 Technical Plenary


I took an action on yesterday's TAG call to work with you to set an agenda 
for the joint ws-addressing/TAG meeting at the Technical Plenary. 

At least for the moment, we have a preference for putting the joint 
session on Monday morning Feb. 28, overlapping with the TAGs own scheduled 
1/2 day F2F session.  That has the advantage that most all TAG members 
will be there.  It also has the disadvantage that time will be somewhat 
limited.  So, we need to settle on a plan for how we'll use our time, see 
how much time will be needed, and either confirm that it will fit in the 
limited morning time we have or else reschedule for later.

Proposed Agenda

I welcome your suggestions for how to use our time, but offer the 
following as strawperson agenda:

* Orientation from WSA group for TAG members.  We would benefit from a 
semi-formal presentation on the following, I think:
- What are the use cases for WSA?  Which such use cases are agreed to by 
WSA members and which are controversial?
- Brief overview of latest WSA drafts or other pertinent materials. 
Explain the features of your design, and briefly show how it would be 
applied to the use cases.
- Brief overview of WSA discussions/decisions that you believe relate to 
issues of interest to the TAG (presumably at least those involving 
identity, use of URIs, and which abstractions in your use cases are 
assigned EPRs and/or URIs), including review of unresolved areas.

* Brief discussion to agree on agenda for rest of the morning.  I assume 
we'll largely have this settled before the meeting starts, but it's 
possible that after we hear your intro opinions will change as to what 
needs to be discussed. (5 mins)

* Focussed discussion of specific controversial issues.  I need your help 
here as to how best to frame these for an agenda, how many big ones are 
likely to be there, and how much time you'd guess would be right.

The above is just my first cut.  I welcome suggestions from you on behalf 
of WSA, as well as from other TAG members.  I think the top priority is to 
get close enough on an agenda so that we can reliably estimate the time 
required, which will allow us to decide whether the meeting fits on Monday 
morning.  After that, we have a bit of breathing room to nail the details.


TAG members are usually pretty good about reading materials in advance of 
meetings, and indeed we prefer to come in prepared.  Our discussion time 
tends to be limited.  It would be very helpful if you could point us to 
materials you think we should review, presumably including the following:

* Use case and requirements analysis.  We're trying to understand how WSA 
and EPRs will be used in practice.

* Working drafts (or other drafts) that we should review.

* Pointers to email threads or other materials that will help us to come 
up to speed on issues likely to be of interest to the TAG.

Many thanks.


Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Received on Tuesday, 1 February 2005 14:33:38 UTC