Re: Initial Draft Finding on Principle of Least Power

Graham Klyne writes:

> I'm biased in this respect, but I rather liked the reference to
> Haskell.  In particular, I thought the text was clear enough 
> (to me) that Haskell was no less powerful, but also carried the
> suggestion that somehow pure functional expressions are more 
> amenable to the proffered advantages of less power.

Thanks.  That's certainly what I intended when I added it.  I think that 
functional languages are a very interesting point on the 
power/complexity/analyseability scale, as they have all the expressive 
power of Turing completeness, but can be reasoned about in ways that are 
difficult with procedural languages.

So, I was a bit disappointed when the first response (from Harry Halpin) 
worried that the text could be taken as criticising rather than supporting 
the best aspects of functional languages.  I don't think this is worth a 
flame war, but I'll be curious to see how other readers took it.  Thanks!


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