Re: Initial Draft Finding on Principle of Least Power

Harry Halpin wrote:
>  I might add that the characterization of functional programming
> languages as somehow  "less powerful" than procedural languages might
> want to be - i.e. "through those that are functional and Turing complete
> (Haskell), to those which are unashamedly procedural (Java, Javascript,
> C)" - should be rephrased, since this will offend functional programmers
> who would argue the *exact* opposite :)

I'm biased in this respect, but I rather liked the reference to Haskell.  In
particular, I thought the text was clear enough (to me) that Haskell was no less
powerful, but also carried the suggestion that somehow pure functional
expressions are more amenable to the proffered advantages of less power.


Graham Klyne
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