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Re: [Fwd: RE: "information resource"]

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 20:11:14 +0200
Message-ID: <1971322237.20041014201114@w3.org>
To: Stuart Williams <skw@hp.com>
Cc: www-tag@w3.org

On Thursday, October 14, 2004, 6:59:14 PM, Stuart wrote:

SW> Chris Lilley wrote:
>>Currently, we have the notion of something whose entire essence is
>>digitally conveyable (eg a particular edition of an etext) and something
>>which clearly has information, but whose essence can only be measured or
>>approximated without conveying its entirety (a dog, a book in the
>>abstract without mentioning edition or translation).
SW> How is that different from saying that the nature of the resource is
SW> information?

Something whose nature is not, exclusively or even mainly, information
can have information associated with it. A body of information, even.
Its a vague and all inclusive term so I don't like it.

SW> I'm confused by your reference to a dog here...I think by our Basel defn
SW> a dog is *not* an (Basel defn) "Information Resource".

Correct. I would like it to remain so.

>>To take an example, a resource for my fictional dog might return as a
>>representation its veterinary records (blood test results and so on) -
>>clearly a body of information, and clearly not conveying the entire
>>essence of the dog.
SW> A "resource for my fictional dog"... are we speaking of one or two 
SW> resources here?


SW> Are you arguing that the dog is or is not an IR?

I'm arguing that the dog resource would in Patrick's definition be an IR
because it has a body of information (its medical records) but should
not be an IR (per Basel def.).

>>However, if the resource were described as 'vet records for fido' then
>>that would be conveying the complete essence.
SW> Yes... the vetinary records are an IR. They are information, they are a
SW> body of information, and as you say "their complete essense can be 
SW> conveyed in a message."

Yup, agreed.

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