Re: Deployment and Support of XML 1.1

At 10:23 04/05/19 -0700, Mark Nottingham wrote:

>The XML Protocol Working Group would like to call the attention of the TAG 
>and XML Co-ordination Group to the issues we've encountered regarding the 
>use of XML 1.1.
>Recently, the Working Group decided to limit the payload of SOAP 1.2 
>envelopes to those XML Infosets that can be serialised using XML 1.0. In 
>other words, while a binding can use XML 1.1 to transport a SOAP 1.2 
>envelope, no SOAP 1.2 envelope can take advantage of any of the parts of 
>XML 1.1 that mandate a change in the Infoset (e.g., internationalised 
>element and attribute names, extra characters).

Just to avoid misunderstandings, internationalized element and attribute
names are possible in XML 1.0, except that they are limited to the
characters available in Unicode 2.0, and therefore for example exclude
Ethiopic and Mongolian.

Regards,    Martin.

Received on Thursday, 20 May 2004 01:57:20 UTC