Re: [Agenda] 3 May 2004 TAG teleconf (AC meeting presentation, LC issues)

On Monday, May 3, 2004, 7:41:50 PM, Chris wrote:

CL> On Monday, May 3, 2004, 7:30:09 PM, Chris wrote:

CL>> On Friday, April 30, 2004, 2:39:26 AM, Ian wrote:

IBJ>>>   2.1 Top Level Domains used as filters (.xxx, .mobile, etc.)

IBJ>>>     1. Action CL 2004/03/29: Send a draft to www-tag explaining why the
IBJ>>>        .mobile proposal is misinformed. If the TAG supports the proposal,
IBJ>>>        send to ICANN on the official mailing list ([15]Proposed)
IBJ>>>     2. Action IJ 2004/03/29: Talk to DJW about sending a proposal to the
IBJ>>>        TAG (focusing on social issues) that the TAG could review and
IBJ>>>        possibly endorse. Progress; I chatted with DJW; haven't had
IBJ>>>        further discussion.

The proposed mobile tld is called .mobi not .mobile

===== start quote ====
The sponsored TLD community to be served by the mobile specific domain name
space is limited to the following stakeholders:

* Individual and business consumers of mobile devices, services and
* Mobile content and service providers
* Mobile operators
* Mobile device manufacturers and vendors
* IT technology and software vendors who serve the mobile community

All aforementioned stakeholders will benefit by designation of a clearly
identified TLD for mobile optimised Internet content and services. Even though
mobile service operators and content providers, so far acting separately, have
made efforts to try to serve the online needs of the mobile market, these
efforts have been uncoordinated. Thus the benefits to consumers have been far
smaller than if these efforts were harmonised under a single TLD name space to
serve the entire community. Indeed, for each of the stakeholders described
above, designation of the mobile specific TLD name will foster the widespread
adoption of mobile and wireless devices to access the Internet and ultimately
the convergence of Internet and mobile telecommunications.
===== end quote ======

PS I see that they project a profit after tax of 8.5 million euros in
2008, so I assume the talk of 'value chain' primarily means 'business

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