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5 July Working Draft of Architecture Document available

[Agenda] 12 July 2004 Telcon (LC Issues)

[Agenda] 19 July 2004 Telcon (LC Issues)

[Agenda] 26 July 2004 Telcon (LC Issues)

[Minutes] 12 July 2004 (IRI, xmlChunk-44, Webarch LC review comme nts)

ACTION: revise 3.3.1. Media Types and Fragment Identifier Semantics

Agenda coming soon

An I-D for text/xml, application/xml, etc.

Continued help from former TAG pariticpants.

Fwd: XML Extensibility and versioning

FYI: versioning and extensibility with OWL

minutes TAG 2004-07-26 for review

Plan for TAG issue 41

Revising RFC 3023

Summary of TAG activity from 10 May to 28 June 2004

Unaddress [skwXX] comments (was RE: 5 July Working Draft of Archi tecture Document available)

versioning and extensibility with OWL

XML Extensibility and versioning

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