Summary of TAG activity from 10 May to 28 June 2004

Dear www-tag,

This is a summary of the TAG's activity from 10 May 2004 (end
date of the previous summary [1]) to 28 June 2004.

The TAG held four teleconferences and one face-to-face meeting
during this period. Summaries of those meetings are linked from
the TAG home page [2].


0) In Memoriam

  The TAG mourns the loss of Mario Jeckle. Paul Cotton, on behalf
  of the TAG, organized a floral tribute for the family. Words from
  Tim Berners-Lee were read at the funeral.

1) Architecture Document

  The TAG continues to process Last Call comments on the
  Architecture Document.
  The Editor made available the 8 June 2004 Editor's Draft, which
  takes into account TAG decisions from the May face-to-face
  meeting. The 8 June draft is available at:

2) Issues

  The TAG accepted two issues for its general issues list
  during this period:

    mediaTypeManagement-45:  What is the appropriate level of
                     granularity of the media type mechanism?

    xml11Names-46:  Impact of changes to XML 1.1 on other XML 

  The TAG reached a decision on one issue:

    fragmentInXML-28:  Use of fragment identifiers in XML.

       The TAG decided that in general the fragment part of a URI
       could be used to refer to abstractions as well as
       syntactic fragments of a representation - modulo the
       relevant media-type specification/registration.

  The TAG moved the following issues to the deferred state, awaiting
  action from another group:

    HTTPSubstrate-16:  Should HTTP be used as a substrate protocol?
                       Does W3C agree with RFC 3205?

      The TAG decided to defer this issue pending any attempt to
      enforce RFC3205.

    xmlIDSemantics-32: How should the problem of identifying ID
                       semantics in XML languages be addressed in
                       the absence of a DTD?

      The XML Core WG is considering this issue.

    binaryXML-30: Standardize a "binary XML" format?

      The XML Binary Characterization Working Group is considering
      this issue.

  The issues were closed during this period as the remaining
  actions associated with them were decided:

    whenToUseGet-7: (1) GET should be encouraged, not deprecated, in
             XForms (2) How to handle safe queries (New POST-like
             method? GET plus a body?)

  Details about discussions and related actions are available in
  the meeting minutes linked from the TAG's home page. The TAG's
  issues list is available at:

3) Findings

  The TAG approved one revised finding during this period:

   "How should the problem of identifying ID semantics in XML
   languages be addressed in the absence of a DTD?

  The TAG continues to work on a number of other draft
  findings. More information about TAG findings is available at:

4) Communication

   The TAG continued discussion with the I18N Working Group
   on their Character Model specifications.

5) Upcoming

  The TAG next meets face-to-face 9-11 August in Ottawa, Canada.

For co-Chairs Stuart Williams and Tim Berners-Lee,
Ian Jacobs

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