Arch Doc: 27 Oct 2003 Editor's Draft


The 27 October 2003 Editor's Draft of "Architecture of
the World Wide Web" is now available at:

I have not yet written up the list of changes [1] or 
created a diff file. I will try to do that as soon as

I have also not re-read the document, which I always
try to do after extensive editing. There is a good
chance that a few transitions don't make sense or blocks 
of text seem out of place. I intend to read this draft 
carefully and to fix obvious mistakes in an upcoming 
Editor's Draft. I expect to produce at least one more
draft before the TAG's face-to-face meeting in November.

This draft has changed quite a bit in light of 
discussion at the TAG's ftf meeting in Bristol [2]. 
In addition to general reorganization, there is new text in 
a new section 1.2, and a new section 5. The end notes have 
either been deleted or integrated, so the section of end notes
is gone.

I preferred publishing this draft sooner rather than
later. I plan to make additional changes discussed
by the TAG in the next draft:

 * More rationale at the beginning of each section 
  (where necessary).

 * The glossary will include copies of the term definitions
   that appear in the text.

 * Chris Lilley has submitted new illustrations.

 * There are inconsistencies in the running example
   between XHTML and HTML.

 * I have additional notes from discussions with Dan
   Connolly that I would like to incorporate.

 * I plan to delete/redistribute section 3.8.

I found that even a rudimentary modeling of Web
Architecture in OWL [3] afforded me some perspective
that I hope has resulted in increased clarity
in this draft. I look forward to continuing that modeling 
with  the TAG and to use it as the basis of a diagram
of relationships among key terms for later inclusion.

Thank you,

 _ Ian

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