Early draft of OWL model of Web Architecture


I accepted the following action item at the October ftf 
meeting [1]: 

  Action IJ: Starting from DO's diagram, create a diagram where 
  the relationships and terms are linked back to the context where  
defined. Ensure that the relationships are in fact used in the  
  narrative; any gaps identified?

I cannot claim victory, but I've made some progress [2]
by using OWL to model some of the main pieces of the current
Architecture Document, including URIs, Resources, Representations,
Links, Formats, Protocols, Messages, Internet Media Types,
Specifications, and Registries. 

It's not complete, and I'm a novice at this so I could
really use your help. It certainly has been an interesting

I had hoped to be able to generate from the OWL a 
diagram much like David Orchard's initial proposal. I haven't
done that yet. Again, I welcome any suggestions for how
to do the conversion to a graphic format (and then to an
image format).

I will be publishing an Editor's Draft of the Architecture
Document in the near future. I don't expect to
include this OWL directly (though I might link to it from
an editor's note). 

Nobody has reviewed this, and I could be off in the weeds.
Dan Connolly and Dan Brickley have been helpful keeping
me out of the deep muck. 

 - Ian

[1] http://www.w3.org/2003/10/06-tag-summary#archdoc
[2] http://www.w3.org/2003/10/16-webarch-owl.txt
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