Re: siteData-36: strawman + httpRange-14 [ "Resource-Type:" ]


> > ... a point of RDF datatyping is that a property's
> > _datatype_ is a function of the property, so that we might have:
> Err... no. Unfortunately, it's not. There is no way to do
> RDF datatyping in terms of property-specific knowledge.

oops, right. My point was only that we don't need to overload each and every
use of a date on the "dc:date" property.

> RDF Datatype provides no machinery whatsoever for global
> datatyping, such that a specific datatype can be associated
> with a property and that datatype is used to interpret
> non-explicitly datatyped literal values.

right, so neither can RDF say that "dc:date" is a date either... this is an
orthogonal issue to the original discussion, but you are correct.

In any case I hope you will agree that given

site:last-modification-date rdfs:domain ex:Site .

foo:bar site:last-modification-date "2003-03-05" .

that we can infer:

foo:bar rdf:type ex:Site .


Received on Wednesday, 5 March 2003 11:28:32 UTC