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Re: resources and URIs

From: Jonathan Borden <jonathan@openhealth.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 19:49:00 -0400
Message-ID: <031101c34b2b$ad3f0050$b6f5d3ce@svhs.local>
To: <www-tag@w3.org>, "pat hayes" <phayes@ihmc.us>

resources and URIsPat Hayes wrote:

It is easy to read this as saying that the representation is 'about' the
resource: that it 'refers to' or 'describes' the resource; but this is
evidently incompatible with the notion of a resource as something that must
be 'part of' an informational network.

I generally wholeheartedly agree with what you have said. Quibble: might not
Chandra be considered 'part of' an informational network -- or ought we
reserve this phrase for something that is connected to a physical network.
IOW: is "network" a synonym for "graph"?

Hmmm ... what really is the definition of a physical network?

One might thus consider "Chandra" "on the web". Should we reserve the phrase
"on the web" for things connected by streams of electrons, and/or photons
and/or ??? -- no, that wouldn't work because Chandra emits photons which are
sensed by a device which emits electrons i.e. a "router" :-) no? So by what
right is there something which *isn't* on the web?

Back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

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