Re: Does a URI identify a "web page"?

On Monday, Jan 27, 2003, at 14:21 US/Eastern, David Orchard wrote:

> TimBL,
> I reread your message many times.  BTW, I sadly have to say that I 
> only have
> time to read messages posted by TAG members on this thread due to the
> "firehose" effect.  I must also admit I haven't really understood what 
> new
> information has come up that would cause us to re-open the deferred 
> issue.

The issue was, I understand, deferred because it took so much time and 
the TAG
felt it had to do other things.  I don't know what could cause that to 
change -
possibly the suggestion as some have made that actually this is a 
crucial issue
and should have more priority, or possibly if this informal discussion 
on www-tag
were to actually resolve some differences - specifically if Roy and i 
came to a
common statement.

I am not asking this to be discussed in TAG meetings, but I will 
respond to
things on this list on the subject where I feel it would help.

> I just don't get where you are going with this message.  Everything 
> sounded
> to me like you agreed with Tim Bray.  Ambiguity bad.  And you said 
> "expect
> to get essentially the same thing", not "must get essentially the same
> thing".


>   I do apoligize again for not being able to track all this, but
> isn't this one of the key points, that URIs do allow for ambiguity 
> about the
> ephemeral resources (aka spoons?) and Semantic Web has to live with it?

No.  If you mean that one URi can identify a spoon and also identify a 
then no is not the point, and the Semantic Web could not live with that.
Basically.  (Modulo mistakes and pathological corner cases.)

> Cheers,
> Dave
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