Re: Clarifying what a URL identifies (Four Uses of a URL)

I have updated "Four Uses of a URL"[1] with the following improvements:

  - Clarified the definition of "Web location" [2]

  - Improved the illustration of "Web location" so that it more clearly 
suggests an interface rather than a server [2]

  - Added new sections:
      - Enabling the View Source Effect [3]
        which explains how: "Being agnostic . . . about which of these four 
things the
        URI denotes is NOT a viable solution, because it would prevent the 
'View Source' effect."

      - Pros and Cons of "Different Name" Versus "Different Context"[4]
         which outlines the benefits of the each approach, observing that 
the "different context"
         approach has the benefit that it "does not require everyone to 
agree on which of
         these four things a URI should identify, thus side-stepping the 
httpRange-14 issue".

      - Generalizing [5]
         which explains how the ideas can be extended to the cases where you
         wish to identify physical objects or "things on the Web".

      - Relationship to Terms Defined in RFC2396 [6]

Again, I am interested in any feedback, particularly on any parts that are 



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Received on Sunday, 26 January 2003 19:57:53 UTC