RE: yet another sidetrack on what a URI identifies

> > Unfortunately, your model doesn't work for me, in trying to to
> > effectively use URIs in knowledge representation languages (like
> Why?  Every statement to that effect has so far been disproven, not


> that breaks in the REST model?

First, I thought we have established long ago that such things are
insignificant to REST.  REST only needs to be able to identify
representation dispensers, and *sometimes* a particular representation
(etag).  That is just fine for HTTP, but HTTP has practically nothing to
do with KR, and such laissez-faire identification is not suitable for

> for the metadata that is included in HTTP responses so that the
> client has an interoperable clue as to what you are talking about.

What does that have to do with KR or RDF?

> semantics of a Web to GSM SMS gateway using POST.  I already did that
> stuff seven years ago, so I expect a little more than talk at this

And you did a great job.  But I wonder what that has to do with KR?

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