RE: Options for dealing with IDs

<rabbitTrail>And at some point designers will face the fact 
that IDs are only one way to address into a document.  There 
is more than one way to achieve an address for a link to use.
IDs are a special case.</rabbitTrail>

<phil>I don't believe we will solve the problems of intent 
without validation or muckery in the URI.  Intent 
is documented and if documented by declaration, 
validatible.  The more things hardwired in the 
xml namespace, the more XML is diminished.</phil>


From: Micah Dubinko []

If we're struggling with this, I don't feel good about how the less-geeky
web designers out there will fare.

What folks really need is a way to easily express author intent of links and
IDs, without getting tangled in validation.

Received on Monday, 13 January 2003 16:01:52 UTC