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>From: Gavin Thomas Nicol <>
>representation. That is actually the part that is really missing... being
>able to say that foo.jpg *MUST* be a JPEG image.
>There's two ways to look at a solution: remove negotiation, or fix the 
>where is causes pain. Despite appearances, I'm actually in the latter camp.
>One way to fix the problems would be to expose negotiation to the higher

  I replied previously [1] to a similar statement.  It's my feeling that 
bringing up negotiation into the markup would actually raise the cost to an 
author in the general case.

  While I am for client-side negotiation in UAs that support it (and getting 
them to support it is another issue!), I feel that putting too much 
infrastructural meaning in the markup layer to handle more specific server 
negotiation is a middle ground that may offer the worst of both worlds.

  That sounded stronger than I intended.  What I mean is, I think there is a 
chance for server-side negotiation to be cheaper (causing more usage of it), 
without significantly impacting the existing web.

  Changing the markup as a primary means of addressing the problems with 
server-side negotiation seems to be forcing the world to change its 
authoring habits, and still places the burden of decision on the server.   
That doesn't seem like a success, to me.

  Can you help me understand better?


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