Re: Options for dealing with IDs

On Tuesday, January 7, 2003, 11:18:26 PM, David wrote:

DO> Paul,

DO> Sure XPointer looks at the infoset.  But how does the infoset get the idattr
DO> property?  If I build a streaming parser for XPointer that uses xml:idattr,
DO> I've got to scan every element for an idattr attribute when looking for IDs.
DO> For example:
DO> <myxml>
DO>  <child1>
DO>    <grandchild1>
DO>      <greatgrandchild xml:idattr="name">
DO>         <greatgreatgrandchild name="3">

DO> I'm not saying this is an insurmountable problem.  It just is a deficiency.

I agree and that should be noted in a revised version of the options
document. A scoped solution requires checking every element both for
the current in-scope attribute declared as ID and also for xml:idAttr
attributes just in case somewhere there is a declaration of a new
attribute of type ID.

Although, searching for an id seems to require visiting all nodes in
the document anyway, at least until a match is found.


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