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/ Chris Lilley <> was heard to say:
| The one I like best allows people to use whatever identifier they
| like, usually for the price of a single extra attribute on the rot
| element.

I understand the appeal.

I wonder if we could get support for having XML Schema remove xs:ID
from (or I'd probably be happier with xml:idAttr
if it was the only mechanism for defining IDs.

If we're motivated to create a new mechanism because making IDness a
side-effect of validation is so broken, maybe it makes sense after the
new mechanism is invented to remove the side-effect.

I wonder when people will start wanting to have link target identity
based on key constraints rather than a flat document-wide ID space.
And I wonder what that would look like for something like XPointer.
That said, there's something unfortunate about the fact that key
constraints can't be applied on a document-wide basis independent of
the name of the root element.

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