Re: Proposed issue: site metadata hook (slight variation)

From: "Miles Sabin" <>

> I think, tho', that there's a slight variation on this scheme which
> fixes both problems. Rather than a new request method we could
> introduce a new request header (call it Meta:) which can be added as a
> qualifier to an existing HTTP request. Servers which recognize the
> qualifier can respond with metadata corresponding to the request, and
> supply a distinct URI for the metadata itself via the Content-Location
> response header.

I believe this is similar to the suggestion that Roger Costello and David
Jacobs have been pushing.  Se the distributed-registry list at YahooGroups.
(note:  as they have discussed, this is not actually a "registry" thing, so
that was a bad naming choice when they started the list.)

Seairth Jacobs

Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2003 09:48:32 UTC