Re: Proposed issue: site metadata hook (slight variation)

Julian Reschke wrote,
> Miles Sabin wrote,
> > That's consistent with the Servlet _API_ ... but you've no
> > guarantee that any particular Servlet implementation will support
> > arbitrary extension methods.
> OK. You can do it with any servlet implementation that conforms to
> the servlet specification.

You've misread the Servlet spec. It _allows_ Servlet implementations to 
support arbitrary extension HTTP methods, but it doesn't _require_ them 
to provide support.

> > Like I said, how is the implementation supposed to know that the
> > semantics of MGET are like GET rather than M-GET or CONNECT?
> It's not supposed to know. The whole point is that the servlet spec
> allows you to implement *any* method.

Yup ... _allows_.



Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2003 09:46:39 UTC