Re: My action item on Moby Dec, issue 14, etc

Michael Mealling wrote,
> I think what you're missing with that statement is that different
> aspects of the architecture occur at different 'layers'.

Oh, no argument here.

[snip: DNS example]

Or here.

> The 'actually-existing web' is very much a collection of abstract
> nodes and processes _at that layer_. Its when that layer gets used
> inside processes and system that humans use is when the issues of
> semantics come into play. Don't try and flatten the layers into each
> other. Layering is _useful_.

But it's pretty clear that the TAGs purview and the ambitions of the 
various official and unoffical architecture documents go well beyond 
that layer. Otherwise why would we need _anything_ other than RFC 2396, 
2616 et al?



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