Re: My action item on Moby Dec, issue 14, etc

> I think there's one concept here that we have to keep in mind: URIs are
> used in other places besides HTTP and web browsers. Many applications
> are using them in places where concepts of 'representations' and 'content
> negotiation' are not valid or are are least different from what the TAG
> has been considering. I agree with 90% of what's being said in this thread
> but I would like at least some verbage in there noting that the concept
> of 'representations' is a web specific concept and may not be universal
> to all systems that use URIs.

I would hope that the entire document is web-specific and that people
read it that way from top to bottom.  However, I'll note that there
really isn't much that is web-specific about representations other
than the fact that most other systems ignore their existence, either
because they haven't figured out the relation of time and change to
the overall system or because the system they are defining is not
supposed to change at all.  The representations are still there, albeit
static or simply not considered important.


Received on Thursday, 19 September 2002 17:27:56 UTC